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From the barb, that might be like a bayonet, but the old soldiers wouldn't like it, I find myself in the old kitchen with the mother that none would listen to because her son was unsuccessful. And now you need to know the advice she gave was formulaic: don't lose sight of the personality. And now you need to know about the distortion of language that is as much as breaking a computer. A cycle is simplicity itself, or you haven't followed it all the way round. You may say the answer was given to me: but I had to find just cause for discovering it. What we need, and what we have, is something that makes use of poll so that we don't have to get down and dirty with interrupts.

'Crossing' has been demonstrated, but mind readers would 'rather not.'

Communication problems happen when mind-reading isn't an option.

When taking note of one of our overcountable and unmanageable signals, our routines are scrutinized as from the signaller. That makes us rather poorly in comparison, but we're either trying to perfect what we have or we're gambling.

Shutting : It's now safe for the processor to turn itself off.

Fallen : Who's got the time? What unit's the limit?

Schedules : Listen, this is another approach to command channels, but it's awfully structured.

Purdah : Not applicable to South Africa, I don't think?

Fellowship : For those who ignore the cock-lane ghost.

Shrub : Yes, dearies, the garden reminds me of being (very) small.

Tear : Crass matter and then look away.

Libertines : You explain your own goddamn history.

Videostream : Nothing to do with colorspaces, obviously.

Realmode : Try not to think about a wall between any two upgrades.

Waterski : Just putting this thing with another thing and 'presto.'

Colorspace : I don't like the spell any more than you do.

Funny : That one was just too many: let's just say 'shame.'

Hamper : This is now your problem, because I don't know what the kids believe, now, is possible.

Granted : But I want you to doubt.

Shovel : Something 'upstanding member of society,' maybe?

Whether : I tell you this is less controllable.

Plastic II : it is rather an elastic term stop

Money II : Say 'responsible parenthood and planned parenthood are the same fucking thing.'

Bicycles : Start here on the matter of unnecessary exertion.

River : The banana boats need specialist modification.

Mad : If I did it to myself, blow her a kiss.

Mattress : Existence is not pure philosophy.

Snapshot : What's ingenius gets overworked.

Fields : A quiz for correctors.

Labour : If this is a race, take note that I disown those using disposable nappies.

Sex II : Only.

Marry : Wires that don't mean 'inadequate.'

Special : Looking for eaters of hearts.

Inch : I don't mean to be anti-British, but regulation will have to be reimposed on you.

Weeks : There's something slipping that recalls 'the society for the leap-week.'

Cross II : Jesus loves your sin.

Policies : I can't say I loved the name, but what couldn't you do with them?

Modularize : If you can catch a fish, try not to boast about the release.

Snap : There's something to get my beak into.

Parrotly : Now try to fake the greatest of pleasure.

Fakery : Turn yourself into a yes-no kind of person.

Lies II : Now ask yourself why I'm not bitter.

Fiction III : Any time you want to put me in a cell, knock me up.

Unexampled : The beginning of political discussions.

Stroke : The question is how this relates to aisle, change, hymn.

Thriller : Just exactly what to do after 'financial security.'

Holiday II : When not to take one.

Puff : The fore-paws are no good with combinations.

Research II : Known and Unknown colliding like lovers.

Home II : It really has nothing to do with 'heart.'

Fiction II : Listen to what only forgets the details involving digestion.

Altar : Take your left thumb inwards and your let your middle finger stretch.

Interfere : Or go on coordinating an assassination.

Unsprung : Controlling the finger that sees through tits.

Snark : Introduce me, now there's a good fellow, he said.

Creep : Wasted time. Let me slow down.

Debconfig : See, I can't even help myself correcting the abbreviation.

Shadow II : The coincidence about the dog is jaw-dropping.

Pam : Straight up now tell me do you really want to see this forever?

Easing : Using the seat as a back-rest.

Thanks II : Substance is the word I'm looking for.

Reams : Thanks to who found my 'd.'

Drama : The 'real life' that a real wife lives in sin to avoid.

Imagery II : Something for you to remember me by.

King : Price: offer me the stated amount for my broken goods.

Orbit II : I really don't know what it is, but I call it mine.

Spreadsheets : When 'for now' means wishful thinking about the future.

Think-lion? : Tell me about your singularity?

Cricket : And what isn't.

Requirements : I really aught to start with what has a beating heart, shouldn't I?

Three : A maximum that calls for 'too thin.'

Computerless : Try to say 'global,' and then speak nicely to those who have to use them.

Terrestrial : For after the medication wears off.

Mates : When you're too out'a-sight for politics.

Royal : Sorry, old chap, you need to demonstrate what you know.

Breadboard : Something for n-tuples to do.

Assistance : Let me rather describe to you how to do it yourself.

Rat : Cheesy fiction has hopefully stopped for good.

Sociology : Show me the people willing to screw bottle-tops on, all day.

Loading : Skills that don't find their way to be honoured with qbe-awards.

Crying : Just a word to use to go along with the sterile packaging of salt.

Beauty II : Look for it.

Pots : and kettles - and what one couldn't contain

Teetotal : An interesting word to 'try to get the head around.'

Disabled : A pair-wise status that isn't a hoax.

'Indexing' : Do you remember 'machine-less'?

Stalker : If you're happy with me being happy with that, you're my only friend.

Endurance : Hopefully not all about sterile environments.

Lunch : I s'pose I'll have to call it this, but where are the smiley faces?

Personality : If you say I have one, don't make that my problem.

Elegance : Defined by contradiction.

Museum II : What happens when you don't make a meal about dinner.

Flight : Don't tell me about waiting for good things, fuckers.

Polite : Request.

Theft : Where did you get that word? Come on! There's the priest!

Rocket : Noises.

Ticking : Yes, maybe, yes, maybe.

Jizz : Make of it what you will.

Ground-Zero : Averting a disaster? Are you fucking mad?

Mucking : Try to unmuck before you befuddle others.

Laminate : A good idea for a business, after you can decide where.

IT : The 'shall I reboot' call.

Alternative : Not to listen to.

Eskimo : Correct me, but start with the names of snow.

Severance : Take this as a final warning.

Foil : Sticking my nose deep into the modern classroom.

Milk : My translation needs work.

Annuity : Note: I don't want one.

Devils : Fuck your Jesus Christ.

Godless : To me atheists! To me! But keep your fish!

Cattish : Just teasing the bed.

Carefree : Find yourself a horrible mother, because mine's not interested.

Blot : Self analysis upon others with satisfaction to excess.

Fuel : Still taking in damaging matter.

Processor : You just press the button and hold it.

Plastic : The eyes of material science.

Orange : This is something like lentils, but now I want potato juice.

Resizing : Something 'not starting from scratch to make perfect' like.

Shortening : Evidently food doesn't offer the best debugging lessons.

Listen II : The gap between the inner and the outer.

Childish : O! The metempsychosis!

Furious : Pace, for the love of God.

SQLFetch : 'These days' or 'those days'?

ODBC : But something even better.

Paddling : And the candlestick maker! O! Joy!

Idealizer : Check back in a while if this doesn't become a reality.

Remarks : You know what happens if you don't take 'em.

Nelson : Take this to who knows about business enemies.

Bouncey : A warning to water-toasters.

Atan2 : How's the whiskey-feelings going to hit us?

Gherkin : A matter of 'days that are over' questions.

Completion : Stop before using the little finger on the left.

Beating : It does it for me.

Weather : Rain stopped play? Don't tell me your job is for men.

Rascals : The maids are either too pure, or intolerably bad.

Bending : And touching the toes.

References : Why your friends don't like you when you give them numbers.

Self-closer : Reflecting into the philosopher's tube.

Limits : Not just about falling asleep after a meal.

Cousins : Please refer to the land of waterfalls.

Cluster : Uh! Man! Emptiness left me and now they ask why I don't sing.

Apparent : Don't stop using those filter search features just because I've been sent back.

Soft : Where is precision important?

Pusher : With ties to the family.

Networkstatus : Still no-one offering to take me where memories don't count.

Downtalking : I'd like to help you with your problem, but then I must give advice.

Unwanted : Do a better job, but make sure you have more features.

Spine : Believe in the beauty of your soul, or some such bullshit.

Leave : If you can't listen to yourself.

Memories : This is not optimal, but I don't know if I'll ever do it again.

Tension : Applied correctly.

Typography : Technical details and complaints about what isn't limitless.

Push-pull : Something attracts me to the idea of just getting this over with quickly.

Lasagna : Something to make during the war of the roses.

Undisarray : That's all there is to it, so it's time to shut it all down.

Darkness : Take my soul!

Induction : Now it's about fucking proof?

Trash : Ain't no place to take it out to.

Lucifer : All hail the light!

Maternity : Pregnant? Make sure its yours!

Synergy : Where 'talk is cheap' escaped from.

Sinecure II : Navigating out of 'nothing you can do about it.'

Yoghurt : Nothing but the second best.

Zoomer : Untapping things without stripping threads.

Exotic : Boring work needs spice.

Bonus : Pick a number! That's your score.

Rootfs? : Why do you want any more?

Iceberg : Ride the wave, bro'.

Prevaricate : Calling all 'doing our best' prizes.

Blue : Absolute-wards.

God : I'm not fixing the meanings of your words for you.

Clowns : Listen, here are people to entertain you.

Elephants II : Really old and wrinkly ones. And American!

GCC : Go create complications.

Pty-Evil : Know where your bread is buttered.

Miracles : Do you pray about things not ceasing?

Sword : The opinion hasn't changed: but I lack to follow what leads by grace.

Catholic : No! Not the one with a laundry service for spilt blood.

Goldish : Can you eat this?

Pudding : The important thing is what they're made of.

Gray : How to lose a race.

Cake : Do I need to entice you with these words?

Spite : For a reward? I'll buy my own hallucinogenics, thanks.

Elimination : Don't pay when you can take a drunkard home.

n : Sh! I'm sensitive about this.

Programming : Just a minor division about the new and the old.

Brainwashed : Is this work for an operator button?

Parallelism : Where the fantastical leaves us out of their business.

Useless : Sharing it.

Shells : You too?

Freckles : Now do we need to say 'visibly superficial'?

A : Remember: we tell them to 'look' Greek.

Catch : My drift: the girlies on stand-by.

Fame : I'm goin'a be changing my name forever?

Games : Try to remember only the soundtracks.

Hairs : Pesky plurals looking for a real English person.

Go-to : I'm still scratching my head about that.

Zebra : Too pretty to tame.

Worse : 'Doing the worst' is not aught to bring about shame.

Appeasement : In dark meetings.

Belly-flop : How's my request for the black hair that glows red?

Lightdark : Direction is important.

Indexhead : I had to contract immediately, because 'optimize.'

Swing : How to show your inner child.

Gym : Just looking for a use for a crucifix.

Hospitalize : Just you find your way to what's to blame.

Compass : How to find a 'pub.'

Input II : Of a variable kind: but not infinitely divisible.

Civilization : You keep banging those desks: you'll learn something.

Practice : In it: the beginning.

Workgroup : Getting the job done on a shoe-string budget.

Messiah : My vote is that this is what you would see.

Brands : This one doesn't get music flowing.

Null : Optimizing the thoughts leads to hacker-dumb.

Shapeless : What to avoid when doing something like this... shit!

Fountains : Caveats in upgrades.

GPS : Do you call that fun tech?

Un-alligator : The promised hand.

Infidel : He just goes on like his wife has someone else on top of her.

Hopeless : If it's a puzzle call it suck (do).

Mouses : Ain't no cheese but what's for the peanut.

Prizes : Well I'm just a modern guy: of course I've had it in the ear before.

Animation : Saying goodbye to wandering thoughts.

Voices : Confuse a nerd: tell him to use simple language.

See : It's just a game of names.

Tits : Here: look at these ones.

Lead : Me wherever, whenever, after you've ratified my will.

Patterns II : O! Look! Remember when 'we' did that!

Disaster : It isn't a good idea to call circumcision contraception.

Paradise : church->club = "Best of both worlds.";

Sew : Garments lasting longer than people? Bah!

Shaker : For the 'stay at home' husband.

Heads : The kind of constriction we stopped wishing for.

Network : A sleeping system.

Manicured : The new resolution is to stop talking to myself.

Dromedarus : Refer: 'Calvinist predestination.'

Twerp : Entertainers who know what self-effacing fucking means.

Frees : He or she: come on, all you new types without preconceptions!

Interest II : 'Now it is your turn, madam.'

Flesh : Yeah it's a standard colour, and you can't get it without paying for it.

Port : Belly-dancing for Empire Tyrants.

Spirits : If this isn't down and dirty, nothing is.

Mi : It's never short enough.

Ini : 'Paradoxically, we came to trying to do them better.'

Tease : An obsolete word for working the hair.

Capitalism : There's nothing like instant coffee, unless you have someone to steward a 'machine.'

Anarchy : This is a namespace.

Drifting : For the androgenous.

Indeed : We've been at this game for two hundred years.

Lunatic : Mind, Body & Soul.

Pill : One for decrepit holy men.

Koala : Take the memory of better days; cheap tea you get used to.

Flash : You may and you can test.

Segmented : I should perhaps buy more games?

Hill : Don't forget your toothbrush.

Uninitialized : Just use this instead of variable or local argument.

User-agent : Another hit-and-run.

Picker : Let's ask 'how difficult' here.

CGA : It was simpler: but the main fucking thing is 'requirements.'

Simplex : Now, does this disprove anything?

Home : Making myself there, here.

Weddings : Try not to anticipate me.

Fornication : What's better than dragging us into a fucking suit for nothing.

Solar : Treasure it: talk to yourself about worship.

Pleasing : Remote support to keep our minds active.

Electromagnetic : Complex is obsolete.

Dogshit : And what isn't.

Sacred : 1nput 0utput.

Fruited : Is this surreal? Don't get me started.

Chmod : FIXME: Unlinking what's empty is a no-brainer.

Dusted : Call this a strange log: the main thing is its lack of structure.

Garbotics : Mommy, here's a brand new brand and we don't say what isn't new.

Buck : Make one? What's a Buffalo?

Speech : This is not what we call sound-fonts. But you can call them that.

Edge-cases : How angels steal your food.

Skiing : Through a revolving door: watch it frame by frame.

Blacks : Does ©GPL3 apply in this country? If so, this is for mine.

Self : Note: this is one of them.

Fora : Not that this belongs with 'political atmosphere.'

Alexander : Wait patiently until they tell you you're too old!

Acquaintance : Making them; re-hiss-pect is an exer-hiss-ize for the reader-hiss.

String : Don't say char-pabx without thinking about ownership.

Lasers : From the east; lasers from the west; lasers from the cardinals that don't get mentioned.

Circuit : Each to their own.

Friends : The ones that count.

SME : If you want another 'm,' mamma, give me an easy life.

African : You decide whether that applies to me.

Atohp : 'That's a unit,' he said, who doesn't know this from that.

Orbits : I'm trying to find the right grain for a simulated one.

Smile : Just like Brian does when someone 'gets' him.

Gantt : Playing with government money.

Theorems : Strong opinions: those onions are pure white.

Binary : I'm going to look at you in all states simultaneously.

Paranoid : About everything except that I have no secrets.

Slack : Just one: the other leg's a pencil skirt.

Gridly : I'm not suggesting you try to notice uncurves.

Astronomical : Is the answer within?

Blame : NB: you do not need to vote to know who to blame.

Inn : Sink. Now to give something for my heart to work at.

Swap : Jeans first. What's loose: you just won't get it.

Elongated : Winning KSnake.

Failing : Tell them it isn't great and they start humming about Glory.

Ungood : Doesn't even check his links.

Braids : 'In the old days, did they do things with their hair?'

Space : You didn't see the frontiers they were putting up that got revised to mean, race.

Permissions :

Conspiracy : My dear conspirators, you had me at 'marriage.'

Feathers : Remember the good old days when we could pick those things up?

Yea : The hadida's lead us to inner beauty.

Hash : Gosh, do you just want me to make one up when I've got an address staring at me?

Elephant : This one is 'white' if you call us that.

WinPoll : The bird behind glass.

Fart : ' Dunno where 'old' crept in; but let's start here on 'ageism.'

Holy : Or unholy, we call it cheap to keep away what likes rich.

Birds : Try starting with 'what has two faces?'

Grass II : 'The only trouble, now, is the shitty looking house.

Shopping : Beset with two approaches.

Teaser : And then they said, 'this new one is an intercontinental rocket.'

Mandilike : O! Sandilike!

Haste II : Love you lots, Kate.

Buddies : They'll probably tell you to tell me to go to Hell.

Figure : Cutting a new one.

Reference : A screen for me. A screen for you.

Howzit : Pending the introduction of real sarcasm.

Die-cast : And I keep them from rusting.

Online : Gambling for an easy life.

Savage : Just talking to my phone.

Red : When they ask me what my favourite is, I walk straight past the high heels.

Zilla : Are those feelers?

Acceleration : There is a number four: here's my opinion on euphemism.

Lucky : Where 'no such thing' comes from.

Israel : 'Lead, follow, or get out the way' - how's that?

Vision : Why I don't commiserate the Pogroms.

Symmetry : The Masters of the Universe know about 'tidy.'

Silence : Is cryptographic.

ISDN : Simultaneous with AIDS, but with no causal connection.

Chuck II : Sorry about the careless editing.

Mystic : Now pass that on to someone who's out of your league.

Stew-T'ree-11 : Don't forget the thumb screws.

Headers : Dribbling off the table 'cause there's always too many.

Bikini : 'Ahem,' he said, 'is this what you call decent?'

Rung : Started from the bottom now we're here!

Stone : Catching 'obvious.'

Maybe! : Punctuation to look out for.

Fog : Don't forget to look at an operator (hint: see 'o').

Wizard : From a believer in the not-universe.

Fiction : A little knowledge is dangerous?

Excel : When you get to the bottom of the barrel, watch out for these.

Scatter : I'm still fucking here: but I don't take dares any more.

Modern II : That is not eleven.

Whore : Now what about the factory control systems?

Interfaces : Start with 'intent.'

Anniversary : Try to imagine I got the tail nicely tucked into the 'head.'

Sandwich : Is there, getting treated like fucking dirt.

Argc : // TODO: Delete the TODO comment that says this should be made optional.

Lures : I don't wine about them any more.

Uninterruptible : Let's start here on 'good old days.'

Adapt : 'Stumble! stumble. stubmel.' Anda gain!

Hardware : Where to look when hands are clasped about design faults.

Theory-like : If you're going to be good at prevarication, do it badly.

Afterwards : Just sorting through what can fit in a suitcase.

Booboo : Accepting Americanism as irreversible.

Y : Some reflection on 'studiousness.'

Transformation : What was being said in between the lines.

Ostrich : Call it an ostrich farm: we heard nothing about the suburbs at all.

Com : Say, promise, but don't mean it.

Service Note : Details that lull Mirth to a peaceful rest.

Lost : Some cogitative material for signallers.

Hungry : For a reason to unleash Mirth.

Analyzer : If you can take care of the spelling maybe we'll find him.

Turbo : Explode into flame.

Projects : This one 'got old' so I found a new one.

Details : Does this give you a headache?

Prophecy : Wait isn't a 'wet.'

Windtunnel : Try not to be too particular about pronunciation.

UI : UX is for those who can't look at 'grid' without frowning.

Thine : Poetic imagery is not divine: and neither are poems.

Resume : 'Did this happen to you?' Um. Ah.

Morals : If you can say 'principle,' be free! Be free!

Thermal : You too can play spot the similarities.

Drop_down : Let's fix it.

Power : Is it off?

Juicy : Don't know what that is, but I'm going to drop everything for it.

Needs : How about we start here on the matter of 'who did it'?

Corps : What Anonymous Means.

Adjtime : This is a to do, in case 'duty calls' shames me into submission.

Canon : Those pesky people who can't see progress is team-work.

Ceremony : What 'button,' if it's not for show, initiates.

Cheers. : 'Hey George!' said Mike to Bradley: 'let's roll uphill until things are better.'

Expat : Why 'we don't talk politics.'

Swab : Keep on asking electronics men for words, dirty shades.

Arid : But come, now! What's better than water?

Elephants : The bfgd boomerang.

Tax : Looking at a cathedral, racquet in hand.

Tangicontinental : Just checking if it's above and below.

Alice : The language expert who needs YOUR marmalade.

Margarine : I can't believe this is all there is to life.

Journal : Pissing into the wind at family gatherings.

Two : Minstrels and Zithers take the Boot equally.

Zeroeth : Someone copy the font before it's lost forever.

Irrepairable :

Cuckoo : Not sure if coo-coo involves borrowed nests.

Studios : The secret tunnels.

Unlogical : Try not to do it until you can afford to confine yourself.

Prove : Hey mest-er tambourine man.

Constellation : Try not to tell me that those are intangible.

Packing : I don't recommend you start with a black-and-white picture.

Soul : Face it, you should be behind glass.

Bulletin : How people with a lack of intuition communicate.

Niggles : There's just this one thing we're not sure has unlimited power.

Screens : Quality brands: fuck 'em dead.

Billion : I like to see words as the communication of feelings.

Magic : Similar rules to 'install,' but try not to jump at 'polymorphism.'

Parameters : How to stop us from trying to get closer.

Unrest : The self-correction we were waiting for.

Integrity : Reaching to the left for justification.

Inappropriate : Search me why that was on the table.

Check : The boxes you don't like looking at.

Atoms : Perhaps we aught to start here on the matter of what's an animal?

Lazarus : If it's 'living forever,' you've got a problem.

Pout : Something incompatible with 'headache.'

Inspire : How are we going to make someone do that?

Surgery : Watch out for those lucky-packets: you just might have to cut people open.

Dolls : Which is more out of reach?

Conflict : If you can't decide what to eat, ask 'professionals.'

Vacuums : Like the stomach of a forty-two-year-old sinner.

Revision : I don't know if 'bis' is untoward?

Algorithms : In the communication?

Return-Path : This is going to have to have a double meaning.

Emergency : 'Do not game the public network,' they asked nicely.

Mind-fuck : Where's my fucking harem?

Covered : Do it twice and you really should rather kill them.

Bitches : Brian flailing his limbs again.

Bidding : For engimas.

Train-spotting : The exception to the rule about hyphens.

Flatness : Powerless, too.

Recalls : To life? Is that where we're going to fucking start?

Nightcap : Try not to count my 'reboots.'

Compress : What else to do with 'temporal'?

Decency : Flies out the door: watch waterfalls of pity roar.

Humanity : Backform to nothing, and now start with its name.

Fix : Let's rather just buy up what 'the banks' declare stale.

Entrepeneur : How do we get 'husbandry' to fit in?

Oysters : Well, at least some will remember a few tunes and poems.

Concert : Pulling the cheese out of the beak.

Charcoal : What no-one dares to poke their nose into.

Quality : Communication would be a good start.

Busy : I'll have to stop for a considerable amount of time to tell you if it means anything at all.

Discrete : Let's have one of you on this, and one of you on what isn't.

Confession : This one isn't about the sex of my friends.

Theory : Breathe heavily: maybe that'll give it shape.

Sustainability : If this goes on any longer I'm going to pack my clothing with cotton.

Addled : But are your children becoming aware of what's needed?

Chords : I'm likely to bust a string just now.

Verification : Keeping it light.

Finesse : 'Sometimes you need to knock out the snot' - these words they came from a 'bot.

Sneeze : Just remember that 'faking' comes into play if you're incautious.

Systems : If you say sorry, then fucking fix it.

Research : You might call it child's play, but I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Trains : They even do it in church!

Reports : Those are so clear they look like diamonds.

Coder : Are you wanting to be proud of requiring a dozen languages to do one thing?

Ghosts : Do what you like; just don't complain about customer satisfaction.

Come : On top of me, but remember the pound of flesh.

Flattery : Confer with its shin.

Faith : I have none: but that which is shown in the actions of others.

Punk! : Don't stand so close to me!

Netfilter : Those anonymous contributors must be aliens.

Office : 'Small ones,' the government said, as they shook hands with what took away our souls.

Stepping : Who's behind you?

Digitizing : They did say, 'start with the grannies,' didn't they?

Divorcees : I love you as much as you ever loved each other.

Cell : Shall we arrange these in a grid?

Behaviour : Is it look or feel?

Races : It's 'pick your weapon' or nothing.

Install : These 'views.'

Wood : The word pops into my head when I think about the brand new smell.

Goodbye : But please don't start shutting things down until I'm quite done.

Independence : Just enough for the coffee, please.

Easy : What happens when imbeciles try for two or three dozen years.

Perfecting : To start with, retract that shin.

Posturing : May this vex you forever.

Electric : It still gives me a thrill, but nothing sucks like ignorance.

Pies : Calling those who started civilization.

Meaning : Time to remember the leisure suit.

Languages : Blueprints before towers.

Caveat : I might warn you about waffling, but that's a joke, right?

Given : A word, make a brand.

fedx : Kinda like, get the fuck out of here.

Paddle : You're too young to understand.

Leak : Never forget 2.2.11!

Flop : Just eat it cheerfully.

Paste : 'Those were old meanings,' they said; 'cut them out.'

Mindstorms : Revise this.

Services : The subtle power of machinery to create a fuckup.

Ultimatum : Do you think the name makes me more or less content?

Babies : Is my support of you superstitious, Debian?

Adam : Then came the churches; then came the schools; then came the lawyers; then came the rules.

Compensation : Say 'structured data' like a real South African.

Hacker : <leet/>

PATH : = ${universal_constant}

Bombs : Sir! Why are you thinking about that the wrong way round?

Flow : Eeny-Meeny-Mine. Take care of what is thine.

Bashing : When you hit it really hard, it works, but you feel guilty.

Heavens : Who went there and came back again?

Stones : Days of headaches.

Redirection : Thanks for no longer reading.

Nature : None of that 'sanctuary' nonsense, please.

Paradigm : Something like religion, but without possessiveness.

Escape : There's 'none of this' if you're curious and don't pray.

Pipe : Two-pieces for the brothers.

ifreecar : 'Course sea sick ill early,' yadda yadda yiddish (catching).

Storage : Unsightly reminders of what can't be made any more.

Baltic : Helpful hints from 'nature.'

Alf : What happens when the parents go on learning?

Riddles : Time to admit we're still fighting animals?

Stamping : This is merely to prevent the bookies making a killing.

Antitrust : It's not the end of the world.

Armouring : In an after dinner atmosphere the mind wanders from the trammels of precision.

Spice : Another go at saying what matters.

Lizards : 'I saw a finger in the sky,' he said. But now he just talks about the government of those days.

Adulterate : How does this relate to 'V'?

Caprice : A strong inclination to talk about puppies and what they do.

Soldiers : The effort to remember has only one reward: sleep on, pretty ones.

Cool : Aid for for those who wantonly forget, and those who God picked.

Ribs : 'Why do they call them spare, like the cow doesn't mind?'

Greed : Time to update your present-day perceptions.

Stuffing : Or fluff, perhaps?

Deeper : Taking the bait.

Pristine : How's your beard?

Iteration : I 'done it' again.

Heartless : 'Let's talk about money dependence, today.'

Literal : This is going too far.

Standards : Shall we start with an erection?

Elevation : Another (updated) security feature dependent on 'behaviour.'

Flavours : 'Your code names are just kinky!'

Dreams : Such clear ones, too!

Xeno : What kind of pedants reserve a letter?

Numb : 'Obey?'

Posting : Carrots and custard.

Witch : It is a decision. Try 'osmosis' out for size.

Dev-notes : The first. Now what do we do about naming the second?

Deps : As demonstrating the uselessness of quick abbreviations.

Icon : Here's a description of what it must say.

Cygwin : Someone should make an archive for these things.

Awkward : How to let the neighbours know I'm fully stressed out.

Progress : At this rate we'll be steam-powered by the afternoon.

Shipyard : Useful information for those who know what a mongrel is.

Versions : Minus one. Thing has changed.

Wedges : Let's start here on the matter of perma-cultures.

Micro-farm : 'Mini' is about the cattle parade.

Kerosene : Engineered patriotism? Bah!

Grade : You simply cannot know what 'not good enough' will leave me to think of.

Because : When 'but' is tired and obvious to the hearer.

Demo : 'Bitch please, I am Brian,' responds to what's callous.

Shot : Love is its own bad name.

Display : There's nothing fantastic, here.

Custom : This is in between heavily modified and slightly modified.

Both : Taking the right precautions.

Raspberry : Let me not forget how 'hobby' is supposed to be done.

Bricks : No comments about how the 'neighbours' build.

Truth : Take the dare, but don't tell anyone.

Memory : This is here as a substitute for what competes with bad and worse.

Misconfiguration : Say it like 'miscellaneous.'

English : Those guys you have to explain everything to.

Reallocate : It comes with an implicity copy.

Common : Take careful note of how we differ.

Neighbourhood : Building plans? Look at that man's grass!

Poles : Something we can be patriotic about.

Lucre : Sniffing out the true abusers.

Shadow : Turn your back on God.

Formula : The history of contrast.

Ping : How quickly we forget what's all business like.

Nullable : Just work around this one while we cheer on hard work.

Crunching : This is rough work: don't tell me to look at a hoe.

Timing : Call me a drunken metronome.

Robbery : With insolence: I'll 'play' the blues.

Timezones : Looking for a research grant.

FAQ : Do you see the word answer in this slaughtered beast?

Yank : Doing the splits while scrounging.

Overflow : Don't tell me to avoid what works just because it 'amazes' you.

Continental : Finally a word with a meaning that's deepest.

Exemplary : This can, in fact, be something we get too old for.

Mellow : I'll contain this with the missing 'fuck.'

Kern : If you burn your dictionary, this is 'new tech.'

Plectrum : Now I think I really aught to get a mas'er.

Audio : Copy protection where it means something.

Pattens : Click click click! 'What will the future hold?'

Teams : Zealous affectation.

Worth : Let me tell you how it was in the old days.

Aliens : Good fucking riddance.

Prayer : Just as we think that we are blessed, money reminds us of our chest.

Imagery : 'Just fix it,' they said, 'but don't change anything.'

Generics : Ask the little mermaid.

Straight : It's like holding a knife and fork.

Rails : Nothing to see: just another loner jerk.

Rotate : To go along with 'logic for fun.'

Charged : Nature in the witness box.

Justice : For those who stamped on the cross.

Representative : 'Monkey-boy' gives the orders.

Bubblegum : The facts that the internet fixed for us.

Holiday : Where will my fingers get a rest?

Walking : Start with a run or you're just parading your beautiful knees.

Passenger : 'Beef, thanks. Oh, you weren't asking.'

Events : Smile.

Reconfstat : Anyone have a clue what this means?

Checksum : Suggestion: get everyone to stop reading this.

David : It's almost like it's just different letters.

Pumps : My heart goes hop, my heart goes thump: so it's bottled water for now.

MPM : The problems good distributions call 'arbitrary defaults.'

.married : // This file name is archaic but retained for legacy reasons.

Squatter : 'They see us like this from the clouds and descend with their spades.'

Earth : It certainly is round when we're aiming at someone's neck.

Vector : Is that a pointed stick you're showing me?

Mother : You know what you need to know: it's always too fucking much.

Andlike : An instruction from the top: 'hyphens! get rid of them!'

Zara : Evidently, 'bitch' offends dogs.

Tertiary : Is it physics? What about we settle on a different name for now?

Vacant : The real porn.

Tennis : And then learn to be a gracious loser.

Arrows : Now do you know why you feel so empty?

Woman : Say mi~so~gi~nist: I'll love you better if we don't think of mist.

Divorce : Is this a preference or a setting?

Uniforms : Now let's talk about local talent.

Cap : Say 'dangerous' with a dangerous accent.

Shrine : Cut the bullshit, but not where you'll be adding to it.

Unfinished : Dirty buffers, lattices, and maths for fun.

Climber : If you want safety first, find a boy without his own thoughts.

Electronics : Rewinding for the sake of holiness is a click away.

Pets : Mine is to get you to see producer-consumer ratios.

Diamonds : A true story about the surmounting of nature.

Heli-pad : Naturally I'm non-committal about 'text os.'

Grass : What's init, again?

Dot-Product : 'That's piss!' they say.

Border : You tell me this isn't population control!

Noise : It turns out a heart just needs fuel.

Melissa : Now, who would give a virus a common girl's name?

Sickness : It's in your actions.

Hospitals : The real problem of South Africa.

Cmos : Fettering ourselves with what's unintelligible wagging.

Signatures : Not sure if 'fun' applies.

Actions : The ones we say the babies are taking.

Bomb : Blonde and brunette descending from the upper atmosphere.

Adopted : Now judge my racism.

Sinecure : If you were quicker you could've done the banners.

Carrot : What gets the tongue distorting itself for a beginning.

Exam : Your archives and ivory caches.

Mat : This one is for one Alice.

Battery : Bonsais, and bouncing babies.

Loop : There and back to see if everyone's snoring.

Klunky : How to make things pretty for a 'verifier.'

Excitement : Neither an empty one nor a full one, please.

Toggle : How to ruin an Epic.

Re-Im : If it doesn't make your eyes water I'll try harder.

Containership : Can the use of the digits be exemplary?

False : But if you're thinking about it, you have not faced careful deliberation.

Coronation : Thanks for that.

Jacket : Are you following in my footsteps, or kicking up dust?

Meta : Just hold the button in and watch the beautiful Entropy.

Configure : Is it good enough if it does just what it should, without 'feedback'?

Logic : If it doesn't come with a picture, the new ones say, 'impossible!'

Curse : If you miss this bit, change your search engine.

Backtracking : Bots that are stuck in the past.

Monkey : The lock got broken and everyone prefers it that way.

Patterns : Something about pleasure, I hear?

Piano : 'You can't do it alone!' they said.

Fragmenting : Starting with God makes grow.

Monomania : Let me make a copy of this by typing it out.

Museum : 'Let's build a ... oh wait.'

Sqlite : 'You just have to wait until you hear him say, storage structure.'

Transistor : Where dependencies lay out a problem for another.

Punch : Don't let your undies get wet.

Q : Wandering? I haven't altered my course in the slightest!

Webdoc : You may call it a webpage, but this is something new.

No. : When object conversion is made simple.

Away : It looks delightful but I'm staying on ship as a token.

Occult : Trying to force that feature? Try these handy tricks.

Fud? : You add your letters.

Clipboard : This time without the temp sucking a pen.

Rolls : Shaking the Hand of No Briton.

Lies : Ah! See! Me! Poo!

Ideal : 'System' now defined by backforming 'system user.'

Voting : Do keep your right. My rigging moves my left like it's a puppet.

Nextstep : I am telling you that you're all fucking forgetful.

Army : Virility is not a double-edged word.

X-mas : Find the server (new game taken from under the Sun's nose).

Watertight : It's all in the agreement.

Dirty : Making the working tree sacred.

Patronizing : If you haven't got the picture, I do not want a cult following.

Non-committal : Is this audio input device unmuted?

Extensions : Getting us to think of evolution?

Clever : The mark of someone who can smell an equals-sign.

Coconuts : Giving Kernel-devs a reason to feel necessary.

Minimalism : Remember that? Now it seems I've loosened my tongue about it.

Closing : Dropping out with a self-made medal.

Stripey : It's those things that people stand at, waiting for a gap in the traffic.

Nurbs : On the school-desks, in the kitchen, in the fucking marital-bed.

Health : The realism is astounding.

Exit : O! Now we call 'clean-up' security?

Submission : Oh? You're going to do that, now? Show me what you've turned away from.

Stay : Or go, but don't come back.

Revelations : Find a unit converter.

Throw : Placing vegetable matter where it belongs.

Beans : Where names and aromas diverge.

Report : The balls are dropping.

Brain : The Lion without a Heart.

Racism : But does it have colour?

Architecture : Starting with a revolver for emptiheaded chivalry.

Est : Guess it and IDK what you won't get.

Pity : I'll think about a survey and you can keep the buckets.

Canvas : 'I object to your complaints!' he said to a fish.

Identification : Upgrades, ugprade, upgrade,k upgard,eu pugp,appudrarajekwn.

Suicide : Now we'll say 'soul' and make everything better.

Servant : 'I make beeg mess, mas'r.'

Listen : The answer before the tea and cake.

Revolution : I'll stop turning this over when you're doing it to yourself.

Glider : 'Come back!' he says, looking at the control sticks that do nothing.

Yus? : Now let's talk about consent.

Nursery : Let's build superhumans.

Crusts : Go and get yourself a happy meal!

Meal : Not so much a debugging snack as a preparing to forgo the rest.

Santa : Look into my eyes, and tell me that I'm not cute.

Stainless : Friend or enemy: admiration comes first.

Ugliest : Are you going to make a grab at it?

Backward : People! Try not to be proud of it!

Valhalla : Xset Era.

Juice : Be one hundred percent mixed up.

Unverifiable : 'But it works' asks for what likes its own stink.

pdf462 : If you've lost your property, what are you going to do?

Legacy : If you don't want it, keep your dick in your pants.

Beauty : 'A question in your nerves is lit.'

Solitaire : If this is it, please air-drop crates of food.

Goldy : And that's me across the 'finished' line.

Parks : Where 'how are you' is born.

Franchises : Babelfish: say 'Prime Pizza' to Seether Freaker!

Dunstinborough : This is to catch any good will. The race is long over.

Field : Clearing the air about mixed sports.

Playing : Let's not get into he-said, she-said.

Hutch : Ask me where I got the energy!

Escort : But only the ones who 'just say no.'

Chicago : You're making this shit up.

Gay : A word of many 'cols.'

Thanks! : Do I need to call a stenographer?

Clippers : I'm afraid I can't talk about one.

Long : Where relativity in truth starts.

Beautiful : I hope you don't mind, sucks is not it.

Puberty : The when we learn 'fuck off' is just not fucking enough.

Fiddling : A regurgitated word passes my eyes, so now I'm cross.

Toes : The thing is we're not trying to perfect that game.

Republic : Starting at eight thirty-four, pee em.

Boobs : What the country doesn't do for you.

Bunny : When Nature decides to get in on the deal.

Strumpet : Killing myself for the sake of 'principles.'

Perspective : Can we stop fighting it with adjectives?

SNO : Let's start with a better word than dispensation.

Impulse : I've already taken too long to think about it.

Pork : How to tell that you're dealing with a mincer.

Grocer : 'And before anti-theft devices, we had to kill our own pigs.'

Phoning : How to prevent someone from doing anything at all.

Wings : Another angle on a STEM Kernel.

Ease : Of everything except perfect satisfaction.

Carnal : Now, where does this fit with 'responsible parenting'?

Editors : A banana in the air.

Txd : It's the 'no complaints' that you simply didn't get.

Children : Teach them to unlearn, quietly.

Psyche : Let's get this straight: you want data as evidence.

Output : Get a well-paying job.

Mouth : Keep it that way until you can clean it without a fuss.

Fridge : Stock-taking from the outside.

Shreds : Rolling back on what gives any trouble.

Nighties : If you do ask, give thought to who's insensitive.

Unitless : Do we get to talk about vagabondism, now?

Good : I don't think we can wear this one out?

Arse : Keeping bums on chairs.

Scrubbing : Well, send it with feeling, too.

Firsts : Dedicated to all who know what freedom isn't.

Prescription : Making problems with a short memory.

Curves : Irrelevant history alert.

Personal : Please see comments with regard to making this obsolete.

Commercial : Don't take too much credit for dropped pennies.

Minijack : Sound words; visible alerts.

Private : How to select what comes before selecting a 'dist.'

Life : Starting with a number.

Modern : The new fashion might be to leave these empty?

Anti-Kitty : -

Thrills : Now you suggest a prefix?

Buzz : The account isn't increasing, but that wouldn't be good, would it?

Aerosol : Speak for yourself! My shit doesn't stink!

Haste : Yeah, but forget about 'em that want it before then.

Wrapping : You get to choose a word for unsigned.

Aluser : Tedious communication with a 'yes or no' dialogue.

Probe : Taking verification seriously.

Soapbox : Backform this one and you might just get a clue.

Border-Gateway : Customs officials help us with 'our tech.'

./upgrade : $distribution $old $new --best-guess

Whistle : And there we were thinking, 'us'!

Skeleton : When dummies revolt.

Arch : I'm not sure if this contraction is untoward.

Heels : Trust me: I will regret this.

Mememe : It's a form of encoding.

Audible : Annoyances you can trust.

Manual : When you're thinking about finding a sun bed.

Discipline : 'Look elsewhere!'

Love : A 'thanks' to those who spawned first.

Hover : To 'assess' England we start with showiness.

Slang : The effects of being cosmopolitan.

Packets : I wouldn't call it 'bitty,' but patience is not the word.

Mom : My own? A self-made meal says, 'maybe.'

Estate : A trust? In the hands of the state?

Shelving : A quick game of noughts-and-crosses.

Distribute : The 'shins' of this one we most certainly want robust.

Centralize : Shall we talk open protocols, now?

Motherboard : Yes? Uh, wait: that's not me.

Modeline : Like sound, just less important.

Input : Until it stops just before it pops.

Juggler : Start with your own before you try me.

Nepotism : The what we really mean.

Jump : Giving and taking instructions.

Sign : Keeping Defarge in his cups.

Whitespace : Is it useful, though?

Rich : Yeah, but what about 'pointedness?'

Flag : Looker.

Choice : The ones we don't have.

Pabx : My dear, is this where you want to start 'binary' from?

Turkey : A follower of Benamuckee asks the obvious question.

Wretch : I'd like to say, 'look all ways.'

Attach : Revision of what didn't get stagnant.

Logbook : This.

Filter : If I put my hand there, I'm going to be touching yours.

Cursor : Uhhh..... yeah ... if you think there's anything in 'tech'.

Advice : Retrying with an exception.

Chuck : 'Even me!'

Running : Uphill and downhill? Check your logic!

Girlish : 'That' decade.

Shuffle : Yes, but have you got to the top of segregation?

Street : I hate it too.

Menu : 'I'd like the poo-poo platter.'

Ingenuity : Stick this up your arse.

Document : What's not portable about 'format'?

Invoices : Before the accountants told us they knew better.

Spies : Another word for 'demons.'

Jobs : If there's two at one, there are two, surely?

Hindsight : Something prickly to replace with a dot.

Thee : Something like Mach? I haven't looked.

Timeout : Someone please give me a (metric) countdown!

Carnate : Stretching a poor substitute.

Island : The abundance of ink leaves a 'hey' but what's a hat for?

Substitute : A word of many flavours.

Peat : Tarred.

Counting : This is a lesson.

Retry : This is Retry, the first.

Brackets : Starting with what scares the hell out of you.

Self-Defining : This creative addition excepted.

Dots : .............

Demon : It goes both ways.

Robust : Moving on from what's redundant and inexpensive.

Nyet : I had no idea this would do that.

Cross : Looking at everything else.

Rename : This is a big deal; but say, 'office,' first.

Art : Do I need to be creative, here?

Team : Hear ye! hear ye!

Mariner : -

If : Let's first put aside 'deadliness' on the matter of gender.

Satiate : 'God bless you please, mis-anthropo-guess.'

Pipes : Don't forget that a lonely one just counts time.

Mach : The back-forming to what's progressive.

Security : A herd of Unix-replacing daemons.

Leap : Look, if you 'get this,' let's talk about a balance with nature.

Scurry : Setting fire to pigeons.

Cable : The tapping on my shoulder suggests that this one's going down.

Entry : 'But we've been doing it this way for so long!'

Dust : A return of lip service.

Sex : Now there's no 'not me.'

Source : Linguists descend.

ZA : 'Technical' or just fun?

Bulge : 'Speaking in tongue.'

Sperm : Just putting it out there.

Tables : A bored sketch.

Propaganda : The twelfth system?

Email : Excuses, but no apologies.

Left : Ways of asserting veracity with one syllable.

Water : Is this what you mean?

Comms : On the feet, on a seat, skip a beat; shit.

Golf : How to trip up an innocent bystander.

Chrome : Doing things all wrong.

Prejudice : Sink your teeth into this.

Eclipse : Sitting with a Pyramid stuck up my arse.

Proof : So this is how easy it is.

Complex : Call it too much coffee.

Money : But what colour is it?

Auction : An idea for a team-building get-away.

Interest : Send me gold and I'll find someone to make something of it.

Contraception : With respect to what I know not of.

Model : All of them: A, B, C, ...

Rocket-man : O! Those clever britishers!

Amuse : If you aren't, why would you say so?

International : Continental, Bifurcating Muslim.

Licking : Nice fruit tree. What do you do with all the fruit, though?

Gosub : This is like 'editing' the stack.

Green-Tree : Do I need to define, ambiguity?

Orbit : How to: stay 'this side' of 'too much.'

Tractor : Now it's 'your' invention?

Naturalist : Delving into 'that' decade.

Disorganized : 'Undis' leaves us with a natural on our tongue.

Rationale : I won't tell you the logic is 'tight.'

Village : Do not forget my name.

Hillcrest : 'That's a Ridge, stupid!'

Day-o : 'Just a bit of adultery.'

Light : Test-bed hat.

Peace : You know what they say about when we sleep.

Nudge : Obsession, Phobias, Queues, and Romantics.

Assoc : If someone steals this, tell them to come back to me on God.

Harems : Done one, done 'em all.

Generation(s) : For those who say, 'why do you call it a template language.'

Pie : The other theory is that it didn't rise properly.

Picture : Do we need to chop off a piece so as to ask, 'heads or tails'?

Twinkling : Let's call this a backup.

Bower : Two thumbs pointing at your's truly.

Pegging : Let me know when the thoughts are dry.

Organs : Like Brian, brianly.

Posterior : If that's not pretty try kick a shin.

Absolutely : Let's start here, for what's a 'right attitude.'

Welded : O! To be a well-grounded creator.

Bran : Is 'spanking' any kind of chaff?

Muscle : Dare me? I'll show you will!

Sketches : Fling! Now let me do that again.

Anime : Just not sure what to say that's both respectful and pointed.

Stolen : Check out this robust digital crown!

Legs : A little less fun, please.

Colour : What's definitely, absolutely, true.

War-driving : Mmmm. Porridge!

Micro : Do you insist on calling me a unit?

Pineapples : Sunlight and water and these.

Allah! : Hope my punctuation meets you groovily.

Comet : Or meteor or any fucking thing you all call Allah.

Kill : I can't think of anything dumber.

Frisbee : Descending into the creation of emotions.

Wizened : Hold on to this while I refer to an Older one.

Hippie : Look at those furry teeth!

Lazy : That answers all.

Pianist : Mommy, are those things where viruses come from?

!is_there : Those logicians who don't know what's more fun!

Retired : I've heard 'put out to pasture,' but that makes me hungry.

Stomach : Is it 'appiness?

Verge : O! Gracious ignorers of what isn't 'sorted.'

Horse : What colour is an Arab?

Dope : You ask me colour, now?

Organized : Something other than what's 'routing.'

Gathering : Let's do talk about resolution.

Martyr : Howto: Find a bad Englishman.

Boogie : And fucking noisy, too.

Eggs : After the driving lessons.

Fireworks : Blowing up what's 'better than me.'

Plug : Oops! I'm an au~to~ma~ton.

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