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Non-repeatable : Something better than unique.

Valiant : We apologise to those who we give work to with dirty shoes.

Temp : Put this in anything that doesn't have cron-like regularity.

Latters : History repeats itself: take note that sometimes we like repeated activities.

Brown : Remember to look into my eye when you say that's a boring colour.

Miracles II : What money can't buy is nothing.

Juice II : If you're not going to drink it, I will.

Optimize : Excluding what doesn't know what a business is.

Toys : Turning the R backwards, we know who to blame.

Mediocre : The feeling you get after a good walk.

West-rand : 'We stranded you there, because because.'

Creation : It's all very well to talk about truth if it's not yours to find it.

Forgotten : Now please remember that satire is for losers.

Physicist : Repair thy own tools.

Hyperbolae : Senseless beauty.

Complaint : Don't expect anything more structured than this, henceforth.

Imperfect : Try this next to 'option.'

Occult II : I wouldn't open my beak about this had I a wife.

Nonlinear : If it was, what's the shape of 'if'?

Resultant : Maybe now this won't just be dummy work?

Replica : It's just a suggestion, but try to start small.

Sanctuary : I'm also asking them to breathe quietly.

Crack : A gleam of daylight shining from Brian's arse.

Paradise II : This is a place on 'earth' if I got what that means.

Breaking : If you're asking me 'now what,' go back to 'tudor style golf estate.'

Wildcard : 'Educational' is distasteful but necessary.

Drugs : I'm stepping away.

Creativity : What logic declares to be a waste of time.

Businesses : If I'm not worse than goddamned capitalists I'll keep trying.

Mental : Learn to trust the scheduler.

Vegans : Is stability all evil?

Humans : It's no cap, but select exposure implies covering.

Spooning : Stopping the thoughts to warm up the hands.

Bather : For some strange reason our breakaway culture didn't allow visitors.

Release : Doing that to what's 'plucked.'

Countries : 'Experience them,' they said, but none said that 'life's great here.'

Jars : The recollection does, when no-one but the folks listens.

Shanties : An investment, did you say?

Dogs : 'Here' means 'there obviously.'

Polish : Don't ask me to say when it just falls into place.

Structured : If this isn't you better not start up.

Bios : But input-output seldom is basic. Ever!

Nature II : This description is far more interesting to me than any amount of it.

Dating : If you haven't noticed I'm doing that to myself I suggest you start with 'a web archive.'

Quasis : My suggested word for what's object-like but not replicable.

Bible : If it's a question outstanding say 'nuance' for a change.

Regions : In a convenient metafile (don't say clipart).

Globalists : Infinity is obsolete.

Hackers : Big talkers.

Appliances : Try to remember from whom we receive our tongue.

Conversion : 'All's well that ends well,' now updated.

Broken : The mas'er he's sleeping or he passed through to another world.

Nesting : The word isn't ideal but let's look at the details first.

Pop : Delaying the final cut.

Happiness : 'Formula' isn't going to do anything but direct you to other related opinions.

Sense : What's perfect may not like all the stolen secrets.

Shutting : It's now safe for the processor to turn itself off.

Fallen : Who's got the time? What unit's the limit?

Schedules : Listen, this is another approach to command channels, but it's awfully structured.

Purdah : Not applicable to South Africa, I don't think?

Fellowship : For those who ignore the cock-lane ghost.

Shrub : Yes, dearies, the garden reminds me of being (very) small.

Tear : Crass matter and then look away.

Libertines : You explain your own goddamn history.

Videostream : Nothing to do with colorspaces, obviously.

Realmode : Try not to think about a wall between any two upgrades.

Waterski : Just putting this thing with another thing and 'presto.'

Colorspace : I don't like the spell any more than you do.

Funny : That one was just too many: let's just say 'shame.'

Hamper : This is now your problem, because I don't know what the kids believe, now, is possible.

Granted : But I want you to doubt.

Shovel : Something 'upstanding member of society,' maybe?

Whether : I tell you this is less controllable.

Plastic II : it is rather an elastic term stop

Money II : Say 'responsible parenthood and planned parenthood are the same fucking thing.'

Bicycles : Start here on the matter of unnecessary exertion.

River : The banana boats need specialist modification.

Mad : If I did it to myself, blow her a kiss.

Mattress : Existence is not pure philosophy.

Snapshot : What's ingenius gets overworked.

Fields : A quiz for correctors.

Labour : If this is a race, take note that I disown those using disposable nappies.

Sex II : Only.

Marry : Wires that don't mean 'inadequate.'

Special : Looking for eaters of hearts.

Inch : I don't mean to be anti-British, but regulation will have to be reimposed on you.

Weeks : There's something slipping that recalls 'the society for the leap-week.'

Cross II : Jesus loves your sin.

Policies : I can't say I loved the name, but what couldn't you do with them?

Modularize : If you can catch a fish, try not to boast about the release.

Snap : There's something to get my beak into.

Parrotly : Now try to fake the greatest of pleasure.

Fakery : Turn yourself into a yes-no kind of person.

Lies II : Now ask yourself why I'm not bitter.

Fiction III : Any time you want to put me in a cell, knock me up.

Unexampled : The beginning of political discussions.

Stroke : The question is how this relates to aisle, change, hymn.

Thriller : Just exactly what to do after 'financial security.'

Holiday II : When not to take one.

Puff : The fore-paws are no good with combinations.

Research II : Known and Unknown colliding like lovers.

Home II : It really has nothing to do with 'heart.'

Fiction II : Listen to what only forgets the details involving digestion.

Altar : Take your left thumb inwards and your let your middle finger stretch.

Interfere : Or go on coordinating an assassination.

Unsprung : Controlling the finger that sees through tits.

Snark : Introduce me, now there's a good fellow, he said.

Creep : Wasted time. Let me slow down.

Debconfig : See, I can't even help myself correcting the abbreviation.

Shadow II : The coincidence about the dog is jaw-dropping.

Pam : Straight up now tell me do you really want to see this forever?

Easing : Using the seat as a back-rest.

Thanks II : Substance is the word I'm looking for.

Reams : Thanks to who found my 'd.'

Drama : The 'real life' that a real wife lives in sin to avoid.

Imagery II : Something for you to remember me by.

King : Price: offer me the stated amount for my broken goods.

Orbit II : I really don't know what it is, but I call it mine.

Spreadsheets : When 'for now' means wishful thinking about the future.

Think-lion? : Tell me about your singularity?

Cricket : And what isn't.

Requirements : I really aught to start with what has a beating heart, shouldn't I?

Three : A maximum that calls for 'too thin.'

Computerless : Try to say 'global,' and then speak nicely to those who have to use them.

Terrestrial : For after the medication wears off.

Mates : When you're too out'a-sight for politics.

Royal : Sorry, old chap, you need to demonstrate what you know.

Breadboard : Something for n-tuples to do.

Assistance : Let me rather describe to you how to do it yourself.

Rat : Cheesy fiction has hopefully stopped for good.

Sociology : Show me the people willing to screw bottle-tops on, all day.

Loading : Skills that don't find their way to be honoured with qbe-awards.

Crying : Just a word to use to go along with the sterile packaging of salt.

Beauty II : Look for it.

Pots : and kettles - and what one couldn't contain

Teetotal : An interesting word to 'try to get the head around.'

Disabled : A pair-wise status that isn't a hoax.

'Indexing' : Do you remember 'machine-less'?

Stalker : If you're happy with me being happy with that, you're my only friend.

Endurance : Hopefully not all about sterile environments.

Lunch : I s'pose I'll have to call it this, but where are the smiley faces?

Personality : If you say I have one, don't make that my problem.

Elegance : Defined by contradiction.

Museum II : What happens when you don't make a meal about dinner.

Flight : Don't tell me about waiting for good things, fuckers.

Polite : Request.

Theft : Where did you get that word? Come on! There's the priest!

Rocket : Noises.

Ticking : Yes, maybe, yes, maybe.

Jizz : Make of it what you will.

Ground-Zero : Averting a disaster? Are you fucking mad?

Mucking : Try to unmuck before you befuddle others.

Laminate : A good idea for a business, after you can decide where.

IT : The 'shall I reboot' call.

Alternative : Not to listen to.

Eskimo : Correct me, but start with the names of snow.

Severance : Take this as a final warning.

Foil : Sticking my nose deep into the modern classroom.

Milk : My translation needs work.

Annuity : Note: I don't want one.

Devils : Fuck your Jesus Christ.

Godless : To me atheists! To me! But keep your fish!

Cattish : Just teasing the bed.

Carefree : Find yourself a horrible mother, because mine's not interested.

Blot : Self analysis upon others with satisfaction to excess.

Fuel : Still taking in damaging matter.

Processor : You just press the button and hold it.

Plastic : The eyes of material science.

Orange : This is something like lentils, but now I want potato juice.

Resizing : Something 'not starting from scratch to make perfect' like.

Shortening : Evidently food doesn't offer the best debugging lessons.

Listen II : The gap between the inner and the outer.

Childish : O! The metempsychosis!

Furious : Pace, for the love of God.

SQLFetch : 'These days' or 'those days'?

ODBC : But something even better.

Paddling : And the candlestick maker! O! Joy!

Idealizer : Check back in a while if this doesn't become a reality.

Remarks : You know what happens if you don't take 'em.

Nelson : Take this to who knows about business enemies.

Bouncey : A warning to water-toasters.

Atan2 : How's the whiskey-feelings going to hit us?

Gherkin : A matter of 'days that are over' questions.

Completion : Stop before using the little finger on the left.

Beating : It does it for me.

Weather : Rain stopped play? Don't tell me your job is for men.

Rascals : The maids are either too pure, or intolerably bad.

Bending : And touching the toes.

References : Why your friends don't like you when you give them numbers.

Self-closer : Reflecting into the philosopher's tube.

Limits : Not just about falling asleep after a meal.

Cousins : Please refer to the land of waterfalls.

Cluster : Uh! Man! Emptiness left me and now they ask why I don't sing.

Apparent : Don't stop using those filter search features just because I've been sent back.

Soft : Where is precision important?

Pusher : With ties to the family.

Networkstatus : Still no-one offering to take me where memories don't count.

Downtalking : I'd like to help you with your problem, but then I must give advice.

Unwanted : Do a better job, but make sure you have more features.

Spine : Believe in the beauty of your soul, or some such bullshit.

Leave : If you can't listen to yourself.

Memories : This is not optimal, but I don't know if I'll ever do it again.

Tension : Applied correctly.

Typography : Technical details and complaints about what isn't limitless.

Push-pull : Something attracts me to the idea of just getting this over with quickly.

Lasagna : Something to make during the war of the roses.

Undisarray : That's all there is to it, so it's time to shut it all down.

Darkness : Take my soul!

Induction : Now it's about fucking proof?

Trash : Ain't no place to take it out to.

Lucifer : All hail the light!

Maternity : Pregnant? Make sure its yours!

Synergy : Where 'talk is cheap' escaped from.

Sinecure II : Navigating out of 'nothing you can do about it.'

Yoghurt : Nothing but the second best.

Zoomer : Untapping things without stripping threads.

Exotic : Boring work needs spice.

Bonus : Pick a number! That's your score.

Rootfs? : Why do you want any more?

Iceberg : Ride the wave, bro'.

Prevaricate : Calling all 'doing our best' prizes.

Blue : Absolute-wards.

God : I'm not fixing the meanings of your words for you.

Clowns : Listen, here are people to entertain you.

Elephants II : Really old and wrinkly ones. And American!

GCC : Go create complications.

Pty-Evil : Know where your bread is buttered.

Miracles : Do you pray about things not ceasing?

Sword : The opinion hasn't changed: but I lack to follow what leads by grace.

Catholic : No! Not the one with a laundry service for spilt blood.

Goldish : Can you eat this?

Pudding : The important thing is what they're made of.

Gray : How to lose a race.

Cake : Do I need to entice you with these words?

Spite : For a reward? I'll buy my own hallucinogenics, thanks.

Elimination : Don't pay when you can take a drunkard home.

n : Sh! I'm sensitive about this.

Programming : Just a minor division about the new and the old.

Brainwashed : Is this work for an operator button?

Parallelism : Where the fantastical leaves us out of their business.

Useless : Sharing it.

Shells : You too?

Freckles : Now do we need to say 'visibly superficial'?

A : Remember: we tell them to 'look' Greek.

Catch : My drift: the girlies on stand-by.

Fame : I'm goin'a be changing my name forever?

Games : Try to remember only the soundtracks.

Hairs : Pesky plurals looking for a real English person.

Go-to : I'm still scratching my head about that.

Zebra : Too pretty to tame.

Worse : 'Doing the worst' is not aught to bring about shame.

Appeasement : In dark meetings.

Belly-flop : How's my request for the black hair that glows red?

Lightdark : Direction is important.

Indexhead : I had to contract immediately, because 'optimize.'

Swing : How to show your inner child.

Gym : Just looking for a use for a crucifix.

Hospitalize : Just you find your way to what's to blame.

Compass : How to find a 'pub.'

Input II : Of a variable kind: but not infinitely divisible.

Civilization : You keep banging those desks: you'll learn something.

Practice : In it: the beginning.

Workgroup : Getting the job done on a shoe-string budget.

Messiah : My vote is that this is what you would see.

Brands : This one doesn't get music flowing.

Null : Optimizing the thoughts leads to hacker-dumb.

Shapeless : What to avoid when doing something like this... shit!

Fountains : Caveats in upgrades.

GPS : Do you call that fun tech?

Un-alligator : The promised hand.

Infidel : He just goes on like his wife has someone else on top of her.

Hopeless : If it's a puzzle call it suck (do).

Mouses : Ain't no cheese but what's for the peanut.

Prizes : Well I'm just a modern guy: of course I've had it in the ear before.

Animation : Saying goodbye to wandering thoughts.

Voices : Confuse a nerd: tell him to use simple language.

See : It's just a game of names.

Tits : Here: look at these ones.

Lead : Me wherever, whenever, after you've ratified my will.

Patterns II : O! Look! Remember when 'we' did that!

Disaster : It isn't a good idea to call circumcision contraception.

Paradise : church->club = "Best of both worlds.";

Sew : Garments lasting longer than people? Bah!

Shaker : For the 'stay at home' husband.

Heads : The kind of constriction we stopped wishing for.

Network : A sleeping system.

Manicured : The new resolution is to stop talking to myself.

Dromedarus : Refer: 'Calvinist predestination.'

Twerp : Entertainers who know what self-effacing fucking means.

Frees : He or she: come on, all you new types without preconceptions!

Interest II : 'Now it is your turn, madam.'

Flesh : Yeah it's a standard colour, and you can't get it without paying for it.

Port : Belly-dancing for Empire Tyrants.

Spirits : If this isn't down and dirty, nothing is.

Mi : It's never short enough.

Ini : 'Paradoxically, we came to trying to do them better.'

Tease : An obsolete word for working the hair.

Capitalism : There's nothing like instant coffee, unless you have someone to steward a 'machine.'

Anarchy : This is a namespace.

Drifting : For the androgenous.

Indeed : We've been at this game for two hundred years.

Lunatic : Mind, Body & Soul.

Pill : One for decrepit holy men.

Koala : Take the memory of better days; cheap tea you get used to.

Flash : You may and you can test.

Segmented : I should perhaps buy more games?

Hill : Don't forget your toothbrush.

Uninitialized : Just use this instead of variable or local argument.

User-agent : Another hit-and-run.

Picker : Let's ask 'how difficult' here.

CGA : It was simpler: but the main fucking thing is 'requirements.'

Simplex : Now, does this disprove anything?

Home : Making myself there, here.

Weddings : Try not to anticipate me.

Fornication : What's better than dragging us into a fucking suit for nothing.

Solar : Treasure it: talk to yourself about worship.

Pleasing : Remote support to keep our minds active.

Electromagnetic : Complex is obsolete.

Dogshit : And what isn't.

Sacred : 1nput 0utput.

Fruited : Is this surreal? Don't get me started.

Chmod : FIXME: Unlinking what's empty is a no-brainer.

Dusted : Call this a strange log: the main thing is its lack of structure.

Garbotics : Mommy, here's a brand new brand and we don't say what isn't new.

Buck : Make one? What's a Buffalo?

Speech : This is not what we call sound-fonts. But you can call them that.

Edge-cases : How angels steal your food.

Skiing : Through a revolving door: watch it frame by frame.

Blacks : Does ©GPL3 apply in this country? If so, this is for mine.

Self : Note: this is one of them.

Fora : Not that this belongs with 'political atmosphere.'

Alexander : Wait patiently until they tell you you're too old!

Acquaintance : Making them; re-hiss-pect is an exer-hiss-ize for the reader-hiss.

String : Don't say char-pabx without thinking about ownership.

Lasers : From the east; lasers from the west; lasers from the cardinals that don't get mentioned.

Circuit : Each to their own.

Friends : The ones that count.

SME : If you want another 'm,' mamma, give me an easy life.

African : You decide whether that applies to me.

Atohp : 'That's a unit,' he said, who doesn't know this from that.

Orbits : I'm trying to find the right grain for a simulated one.

Smile : Just like Brian does when someone 'gets' him.

Gantt : Playing with government money.

Theorems : Strong opinions: those onions are pure white.

Binary : I'm going to look at you in all states simultaneously.

Paranoid : About everything except that I have no secrets.

Slack : Just one: the other leg's a pencil skirt.

Gridly : I'm not suggesting you try to notice uncurves.

Astronomical : Is the answer within?

Blame : NB: you do not need to vote to know who to blame.

Inn : Sink. Now to give something for my heart to work at.

Swap : Jeans first. What's loose: you just won't get it.

Elongated : Winning KSnake.

Failing : Tell them it isn't great and they start humming about Glory.

Ungood : Doesn't even check his links.

Braids : 'In the old days, did they do things with their hair?'

Space : You didn't see the frontiers they were putting up that got revised to mean, race.

Permissions :

Conspiracy : My dear conspirators, you had me at 'marriage.'

Feathers : Remember the good old days when we could pick those things up?

Yea : The hadida's lead us to inner beauty.

Hash : Gosh, do you just want me to make one up when I've got an address staring at me?

Elephant : This one is 'white' if you call us that.

WinPoll : The bird behind glass.

Fart : ' Dunno where 'old' crept in; but let's start here on 'ageism.'

Holy : Or unholy, we call it cheap to keep away what likes rich.

Birds : Try starting with 'what has two faces?'

Grass II : 'The only trouble, now, is the shitty looking house.

Shopping : Beset with two approaches.

Teaser : And then they said, 'this new one is an intercontinental rocket.'

Mandilike : O! Sandilike!

Haste II : Love you lots, Kate.

Buddies : They'll probably tell you to tell me to go to Hell.

Figure : Cutting a new one.

Reference : A screen for me. A screen for you.

Howzit : Pending the introduction of real sarcasm.

Die-cast : And I keep them from rusting.

Online : Gambling for an easy life.

Savage : Just talking to my phone.

Red : When they ask me what my favourite is, I walk straight past the high heels.

Zilla : Are those feelers?

Acceleration : There is a number four: here's my opinion on euphemism.

Lucky : Where 'no such thing' comes from.

Israel : 'Lead, follow, or get out the way' - how's that?

Vision : Why I don't commiserate the Pogroms.

Symmetry : The Masters of the Universe know about 'tidy.'

Silence : Is cryptographic.

ISDN : Simultaneous with AIDS, but with no causal connection.

Chuck II : Sorry about the careless editing.

Mystic : Now pass that on to someone who's out of your league.

Stew-T'ree-11 : Don't forget the thumb screws.

Headers : Dribbling off the table 'cause there's always too many.

Bikini : 'Ahem,' he said, 'is this what you call decent?'

Rung : Started from the bottom now we're here!

Stone : Catching 'obvious.'

Maybe! : Punctuation to look out for.

Fog : Don't forget to look at an operator (hint: see 'o').

Wizard : From a believer in the not-universe.

Fiction : A little knowledge is dangerous?

Excel : When you get to the bottom of the barrel, watch out for these.

Scatter : I'm still fucking here: but I don't take dares any more.

Modern II : That is not eleven.

Whore : Now what about the factory control systems?

Interfaces : Start with 'intent.'

Anniversary : Try to imagine I got the tail nicely tucked into the 'head.'

Sandwich : Is there, getting treated like fucking dirt.

Argc : // TODO: Delete the TODO comment that says this should be made optional.

Lures : I don't wine about them any more.

Uninterruptible : Let's start here on 'good old days.'

Adapt : 'Stumble! stumble. stubmel.' Anda gain!

Hardware : Where to look when hands are clasped about design faults.

Theory-like : If you're going to be good at prevarication, do it badly.

Afterwards : Just sorting through what can fit in a suitcase.

Booboo : Accepting Americanism as irreversible.

Y : Some reflection on 'studiousness.'

Transformation : What was being said in between the lines.

Ostrich : Call it an ostrich farm: we heard nothing about the suburbs at all.

Com : Say, promise, but don't mean it.

Service Note : Details that lull Mirth to a peaceful rest.

Lost : Some cogitative material for signallers.

Hungry : For a reason to unleash Mirth.

Analyzer : If you can take care of the spelling maybe we'll find him.

Turbo : Explode into flame.

Projects : This one 'got old' so I found a new one.

Details : Does this give you a headache?

Prophecy : Wait isn't a 'wet.'

Windtunnel : Try not to be too particular about pronunciation.

UI : UX is for those who can't look at 'grid' without frowning.

Thine : Poetic imagery is not divine: and neither are poems.

Resume : 'Did this happen to you?' Um. Ah.

Morals : If you can say 'principle,' be free! Be free!

Thermal : You too can play spot the similarities.

Drop_down : Let's fix it.

Power : Is it off?

Juicy : Don't know what that is, but I'm going to drop everything for it.

Needs : How about we start here on the matter of 'who did it'?

Corps : What Anonymous Means.

Adjtime : This is a to do, in case 'duty calls' shames me into submission.

Canon : Those pesky people who can't see progress is team-work.

Ceremony : What 'button,' if it's not for show, initiates.

Cheers. : 'Hey George!' said Mike to Bradley: 'let's roll uphill until things are better.'

Expat : Why 'we don't talk politics.'

Swab : Keep on asking electronics men for words, dirty shades.

Arid : But come, now! What's better than water?

Elephants : The bfgd boomerang.

Tax : Looking at a cathedral, racquet in hand.

Tangicontinental : Just checking if it's above and below.

Alice : The language expert who needs YOUR marmalade.

Margarine : I can't believe this is all there is to life.

Journal : Pissing into the wind at family gatherings.

Two : Minstrels and Zithers take the Boot equally.

Zeroeth : Someone copy the font before it's lost forever.

Irrepairable :

Cuckoo : Not sure if coo-coo involves borrowed nests.

Studios : The secret tunnels.

Unlogical : Try not to do it until you can afford to confine yourself.

Prove : Hey mest-er tambourine man.

Constellation : Try not to tell me that those are intangible.

Packing : I don't recommend you start with a black-and-white picture.

Soul : Face it, you should be behind glass.

Bulletin : How people with a lack of intuition communicate.

Niggles : There's just this one thing we're not sure has unlimited power.

Screens : Quality brands: fuck 'em dead.

Billion : I like to see words as the communication of feelings.

Magic : Similar rules to 'install,' but try not to jump at 'polymorphism.'

Parameters : How to stop us from trying to get closer.

Unrest : The self-correction we were waiting for.

Integrity : Reaching to the left for justification.

Inappropriate : Search me why that was on the table.

Check : The boxes you don't like looking at.

Atoms : Perhaps we aught to start here on the matter of what's an animal?

Lazarus : If it's 'living forever,' you've got a problem.

Pout : Something incompatible with 'headache.'

Inspire : How are we going to make someone do that?

Surgery : Watch out for those lucky-packets: you just might have to cut people open.

Dolls : Which is more out of reach?

Conflict : If you can't decide what to eat, ask 'professionals.'

Vacuums : Like the stomach of a forty-two-year-old sinner.

Revision : I don't know if 'bis' is untoward?

Algorithms : In the communication?

Return-Path : This is going to have to have a double meaning.

Emergency : 'Do not game the public network,' they asked nicely.

Mind-fuck : Where's my fucking harem?

Covered : Do it twice and you really should rather kill them.

Bitches : Brian flailing his limbs again.

Bidding : For engimas.

Train-spotting : The exception to the rule about hyphens.

Flatness : Powerless, too.

Recalls : To life? Is that where we're going to fucking start?

Nightcap : Try not to count my 'reboots.'

Compress : What else to do with 'temporal'?

Decency : Flies out the door: watch waterfalls of pity roar.

Humanity : Backform to nothing, and now start with its name.

Fix : Let's rather just buy up what 'the banks' declare stale.

Entrepeneur : How do we get 'husbandry' to fit in?

Oysters : Well, at least some will remember a few tunes and poems.

Concert : Pulling the cheese out of the beak.

Charcoal : What no-one dares to poke their nose into.

Quality : Communication would be a good start.

Busy : I'll have to stop for a considerable amount of time to tell you if it means anything at all.

Discrete : Let's have one of you on this, and one of you on what isn't.

Confession : This one isn't about the sex of my friends.

Theory : Breathe heavily: maybe that'll give it shape.

Sustainability : If this goes on any longer I'm going to pack my clothing with cotton.

Addled : But are your children becoming aware of what's needed?

Chords : I'm likely to bust a string just now.

Verification : Keeping it light.

Finesse : 'Sometimes you need to knock out the snot' - these words they came from a 'bot.

Sneeze : Just remember that 'faking' comes into play if you're incautious.

Systems : If you say sorry, then fucking fix it.

Research : You might call it child's play, but I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Trains : They even do it in church!

Reports : Those are so clear they look like diamonds.

Coder : Are you wanting to be proud of requiring a dozen languages to do one thing?

Ghosts : Do what you like; just don't complain about customer satisfaction.

Come : On top of me, but remember the pound of flesh.

Flattery : Confer with its shin.

Faith : I have none: but that which is shown in the actions of others.

Punk! : Don't stand so close to me!

Netfilter : Those anonymous contributors must be aliens.

Office : 'Small ones,' the government said, as they shook hands with what took away our souls.

Stepping : Who's behind you?

Digitizing : They did say, 'start with the grannies,' didn't they?

Divorcees : I love you as much as you ever loved each other.

Cell : Shall we arrange these in a grid?

Behaviour : Is it look or feel?

Races : It's 'pick your weapon' or nothing.

Install : These 'views.'

Wood : The word pops into my head when I think about the brand new smell.

Goodbye : But please don't start shutting things down until I'm quite done.

Independence : Just enough for the coffee, please.

Easy : What happens when imbeciles try for two or three dozen years.

Perfecting : To start with, retract that shin.

Posturing : May this vex you forever.

Electric : It still gives me a thrill, but nothing sucks like ignorance.

Pies : Calling those who started civilization.

Meaning : Time to remember the leisure suit.

Languages : Blueprints before towers.

Caveat : I might warn you about waffling, but that's a joke, right?

Given : A word, make a brand.

fedx : Kinda like, get the fuck out of here.

Paddle : You're too young to understand.

Leak : Never forget 2.2.11!

Flop : Just eat it cheerfully.

Paste : 'Those were old meanings,' they said; 'cut them out.'

Mindstorms : Revise this.

Services : The subtle power of machinery to create a fuckup.

Ultimatum : Do you think the name makes me more or less content?

Babies : Is my support of you superstitious, Debian?

Adam : Then came the churches; then came the schools; then came the lawyers; then came the rules.

Compensation : Say 'structured data' like a real South African.

Hacker : <leet/>

PATH : = ${universal_constant}

Bombs : Sir! Why are you thinking about that the wrong way round?

Flow : Eeny-Meeny-Mine. Take care of what is thine.

Bashing : When you hit it really hard, it works, but you feel guilty.

Heavens : Who went there and came back again?

Stones : Days of headaches.

Redirection : Thanks for no longer reading.

Nature : None of that 'sanctuary' nonsense, please.

Paradigm : Something like religion, but without possessiveness.

Escape : There's 'none of this' if you're curious and don't pray.

Pipe : Two-pieces for the brothers.

ifreecar : 'Course sea sick ill early,' yadda yadda yiddish (catching).

Storage : Unsightly reminders of what can't be made any more.

Baltic : Helpful hints from 'nature.'

Alf : What happens when the parents go on learning?

Riddles : Time to admit we're still fighting animals?

Stamping : This is merely to prevent the bookies making a killing.

Antitrust : It's not the end of the world.

Armouring : In an after dinner atmosphere the mind wanders from the trammels of precision.

Spice : Another go at saying what matters.

Lizards : 'I saw a finger in the sky,' he said. But now he just talks about the government of those days.

Adulterate : How does this relate to 'V'?

Caprice : A strong inclination to talk about puppies and what they do.

Soldiers : The effort to remember has only one reward: sleep on, pretty ones.

Cool : Aid for for those who wantonly forget, and those who God picked.

Ribs : 'Why do they call them spare, like the cow doesn't mind?'

Greed : Time to update your present-day perceptions.

Stuffing : Or fluff, perhaps?

Deeper : Taking the bait.

Pristine : How's your beard?

Iteration : I 'done it' again.

Heartless : 'Let's talk about money dependence, today.'

Literal : This is going too far.

Standards : Shall we start with an erection?

Elevation : Another (updated) security feature dependent on 'behaviour.'

Flavours : 'Your code names are just kinky!'

Dreams : Such clear ones, too!

Xeno : What kind of pedants reserve a letter?

Numb : 'Obey?'

Posting : Carrots and custard.

Witch : It is a decision. Try 'osmosis' out for size.

Dev-notes : The first. Now what do we do about naming the second?

Deps : As demonstrating the uselessness of quick abbreviations.

Icon : Here's a description of what it must say.

Cygwin : Someone should make an archive for these things.

Awkward : How to let the neighbours know I'm fully stressed out.

Progress : At this rate we'll be steam-powered by the afternoon.

Shipyard : Useful information for those who know what a mongrel is.

Versions : Minus one. Thing has changed.

Wedges : Let's start here on the matter of perma-cultures.

Micro-farm : 'Mini' is about the cattle parade.

Kerosene : Engineered patriotism? Bah!

Grade : You simply cannot know what 'not good enough' will leave me to think of.

Because : When 'but' is tired and obvious to the hearer.

Demo : 'Bitch please, I am Brian,' responds to what's callous.

Shot : Love is its own bad name.

Display : There's nothing fantastic, here.

Custom : This is in between heavily modified and slightly modified.

Both : Taking the right precautions.

Raspberry : Let me not forget how 'hobby' is supposed to be done.

Bricks : No comments about how the 'neighbours' build.

Truth : Take the dare, but don't tell anyone.

Memory : This is here as a substitute for what competes with bad and worse.

Misconfiguration : Say it like 'miscellaneous.'

English : Those guys you have to explain everything to.

Reallocate : It comes with an implicity copy.

Common : Take careful note of how we differ.

Neighbourhood : Building plans? Look at that man's grass!

Poles : Something we can be patriotic about.

Lucre : Sniffing out the true abusers.

Shadow : Turn your back on God.

Formula : The history of contrast.

Ping : How quickly we forget what's all business like.

Nullable : Just work around this one while we cheer on hard work.

Crunching : This is rough work: don't tell me to look at a hoe.

Timing : Call me a drunken metronome.

Robbery : With insolence: I'll 'play' the blues.

Timezones : Looking for a research grant.

FAQ : Do you see the word answer in this slaughtered beast?

Yank : Doing the splits while scrounging.

Overflow : Don't tell me to avoid what works just because it 'amazes' you.

Continental : Finally a word with a meaning that's deepest.

Exemplary : This can, in fact, be something we get too old for.

Mellow : I'll contain this with the missing 'fuck.'

Kern : If you burn your dictionary, this is 'new tech.'

Plectrum : Now I think I really aught to get a mas'er.

Audio : Copy protection where it means something.

Pattens : Click click click! 'What will the future hold?'

Teams : Zealous affectation.

Worth : Let me tell you how it was in the old days.

Aliens : Good fucking riddance.

Prayer : Just as we think that we are blessed, money reminds us of our chest.

Imagery : 'Just fix it,' they said, 'but don't change anything.'

Generics : Ask the little mermaid.

Straight : It's like holding a knife and fork.

Rails : Nothing to see: just another loner jerk.

Rotate : To go along with 'logic for fun.'

Charged : Nature in the witness box.

Justice : For those who stamped on the cross.

Representative : 'Monkey-boy' gives the orders.

Bubblegum : The facts that the internet fixed for us.

Holiday : Where will my fingers get a rest?

Walking : Start with a run or you're just parading your beautiful knees.

Passenger : 'Beef, thanks. Oh, you weren't asking.'

Events : Smile.

Reconfstat : Anyone have a clue what this means?

Checksum : Suggestion: get everyone to stop reading this.

David : It's almost like it's just different letters.

Pumps : My heart goes hop, my heart goes thump: so it's bottled water for now.

MPM : The problems good distributions call 'arbitrary defaults.'

.married : // This file name is archaic but retained for legacy reasons.

Squatter : 'They see us like this from the clouds and descend with their spades.'

Earth : It certainly is round when we're aiming at someone's neck.

Vector : Is that a pointed stick you're showing me?

Mother : You know what you need to know: it's always too fucking much.

Andlike : An instruction from the top: 'hyphens! get rid of them!'

Zara : Evidently, 'bitch' offends dogs.

Tertiary : Is it physics? What about we settle on a different name for now?

Vacant : The real porn.

Tennis : And then learn to be a gracious loser.

Arrows : Now do you know why you feel so empty?

Woman : Say mi~so~gi~nist: I'll love you better if we don't think of mist.

Divorce : Is this a preference or a setting?

Uniforms : Now let's talk about local talent.

Cap : Say 'dangerous' with a dangerous accent.

Shrine : Cut the bullshit, but not where you'll be adding to it.

Unfinished : Dirty buffers, lattices, and maths for fun.

Climber : If you want safety first, find a boy without his own thoughts.

Electronics : Rewinding for the sake of holiness is a click away.

Pets : Mine is to get you to see producer-consumer ratios.

Diamonds : A true story about the surmounting of nature.

Heli-pad : Naturally I'm non-committal about 'text os.'

Grass : What's init, again?

Dot-Product : 'That's piss!' they say.

Border : You tell me this isn't population control!

Noise : It turns out a heart just needs fuel.

Melissa : Now, who would give a virus a common girl's name?

Sickness : It's in your actions.

Hospitals : The real problem of South Africa.

Cmos : Fettering ourselves with what's unintelligible wagging.

Signatures : Not sure if 'fun' applies.

Actions : The ones we say the babies are taking.

Bomb : Blonde and brunette descending from the upper atmosphere.

Adopted : Now judge my racism.

Sinecure : If you were quicker you could've done the banners.

Carrot : What gets the tongue distorting itself for a beginning.

Exam : Your archives and ivory caches.

Mat : This one is for one Alice.

Battery : Bonsais, and bouncing babies.

Loop : There and back to see if everyone's snoring.

Klunky : How to make things pretty for a 'verifier.'

Excitement : Neither an empty one nor a full one, please.

Toggle : How to ruin an Epic.

Re-Im : If it doesn't make your eyes water I'll try harder.

Containership : Can the use of the digits be exemplary?

False : But if you're thinking about it, you have not faced careful deliberation.

Coronation : Thanks for that.

Jacket : Are you following in my footsteps, or kicking up dust?

Meta : Just hold the button in and watch the beautiful Entropy.

Configure : Is it good enough if it does just what it should, without 'feedback'?

Logic : If it doesn't come with a picture, the new ones say, 'impossible!'

Curse : If you miss this bit, change your search engine.

Backtracking : Bots that are stuck in the past.

Monkey : The lock got broken and everyone prefers it that way.

Patterns : Something about pleasure, I hear?

Piano : 'You can't do it alone!' they said.

Fragmenting : Starting with God makes grow.

Monomania : Let me make a copy of this by typing it out.

Museum : 'Let's build a ... oh wait.'

Sqlite : 'You just have to wait until you hear him say, storage structure.'

Transistor : Where dependencies lay out a problem for another.

Punch : Don't let your undies get wet.

Q : Wandering? I haven't altered my course in the slightest!

Webdoc : You may call it a webpage, but this is something new.

No. : When object conversion is made simple.

Away : It looks delightful but I'm staying on ship as a token.

Occult : Trying to force that feature? Try these handy tricks.

Fud? : You add your letters.

Clipboard : This time without the temp sucking a pen.

Rolls : Shaking the Hand of No Briton.

Lies : Ah! See! Me! Poo!

Ideal : 'System' now defined by backforming 'system user.'

Voting : Do keep your right. My rigging moves my left like it's a puppet.

Nextstep : I am telling you that you're all fucking forgetful.

Army : Virility is not a double-edged word.

X-mas : Find the server (new game taken from under the Sun's nose).

Watertight : It's all in the agreement.

Dirty : Making the working tree sacred.

Patronizing : If you haven't got the picture, I do not want a cult following.

Non-committal : Is this audio input device unmuted?

Extensions : Getting us to think of evolution?

Clever : The mark of someone who can smell an equals-sign.

Coconuts : Giving Kernel-devs a reason to feel necessary.

Minimalism : Remember that? Now it seems I've loosened my tongue about it.

Closing : Dropping out with a self-made medal.

Stripey : It's those things that people stand at, waiting for a gap in the traffic.

Nurbs : On the school-desks, in the kitchen, in the fucking marital-bed.

Health : The realism is astounding.

Exit : O! Now we call 'clean-up' security?

Submission : Oh? You're going to do that, now? Show me what you've turned away from.

Stay : Or go, but don't come back.

Revelations : Find a unit converter.

Throw : Placing vegetable matter where it belongs.

Beans : Where names and aromas diverge.

Report : The balls are dropping.

Brain : The Lion without a Heart.

Racism : But does it have colour?

Architecture : Starting with a revolver for emptiheaded chivalry.

Est : Guess it and IDK what you won't get.

Pity : I'll think about a survey and you can keep the buckets.

Canvas : 'I object to your complaints!' he said to a fish.

Identification : Upgrades, ugprade, upgrade,k upgard,eu pugp,appudrarajekwn.

Suicide : Now we'll say 'soul' and make everything better.

Servant : 'I make beeg mess, mas'r.'

Listen : The answer before the tea and cake.

Revolution : I'll stop turning this over when you're doing it to yourself.

Glider : 'Come back!' he says, looking at the control sticks that do nothing.

Yus? : Now let's talk about consent.

Nursery : Let's build superhumans.

Crusts : Go and get yourself a happy meal!

Meal : Not so much a debugging snack as a preparing to forgo the rest.

Santa : Look into my eyes, and tell me that I'm not cute.

Stainless : Friend or enemy: admiration comes first.

Ugliest : Are you going to make a grab at it?

Backward : People! Try not to be proud of it!

Valhalla : Xset Era.

Juice : Be one hundred percent mixed up.

Unverifiable : 'But it works' asks for what likes its own stink.

pdf462 : If you've lost your property, what are you going to do?

Legacy : If you don't want it, keep your dick in your pants.

Beauty : 'A question in your nerves is lit.'

Solitaire : If this is it, please air-drop crates of food.

Goldy : And that's me across the 'finished' line.

Parks : Where 'how are you' is born.

Franchises : Babelfish: say 'Prime Pizza' to Seether Freaker!

Dunstinborough : This is to catch any good will. The race is long over.

Field : Clearing the air about mixed sports.

Playing : Let's not get into he-said, she-said.

Hutch : Ask me where I got the energy!

Escort : But only the ones who 'just say no.'

Chicago : You're making this shit up.

Gay : A word of many 'cols.'

Thanks! : Do I need to call a stenographer?

Clippers : I'm afraid I can't talk about one.

Long : Where relativity in truth starts.

Beautiful : I hope you don't mind, sucks is not it.

Puberty : The when we learn 'fuck off' is just not fucking enough.

Fiddling : A regurgitated word passes my eyes, so now I'm cross.

Toes : The thing is we're not trying to perfect that game.

Republic : Starting at eight thirty-four, pee em.

Boobs : What the country doesn't do for you.

Bunny : When Nature decides to get in on the deal.

Strumpet : Killing myself for the sake of 'principles.'

Perspective : Can we stop fighting it with adjectives?

SNO : Let's start with a better word than dispensation.

Impulse : I've already taken too long to think about it.

Pork : How to tell that you're dealing with a mincer.

Grocer : 'And before anti-theft devices, we had to kill our own pigs.'

Phoning : How to prevent someone from doing anything at all.

Wings : Another angle on a STEM Kernel.

Ease : Of everything except perfect satisfaction.

Carnal : Now, where does this fit with 'responsible parenting'?

Editors : A banana in the air.

Txd : It's the 'no complaints' that you simply didn't get.

Children : Teach them to unlearn, quietly.

Psyche : Let's get this straight: you want data as evidence.

Output : Get a well-paying job.

Mouth : Keep it that way until you can clean it without a fuss.

Fridge : Stock-taking from the outside.

Shreds : Rolling back on what gives any trouble.

Nighties : If you do ask, give thought to who's insensitive.

Unitless : Do we get to talk about vagabondism, now?

Good : I don't think we can wear this one out?

Arse : Keeping bums on chairs.

Scrubbing : Well, send it with feeling, too.

Firsts : Dedicated to all who know what freedom isn't.

Prescription : Making problems with a short memory.

Curves : Irrelevant history alert.

Personal : Please see comments with regard to making this obsolete.

Commercial : Don't take too much credit for dropped pennies.

Minijack : Sound words; visible alerts.

Private : How to select what comes before selecting a 'dist.'

Life : Starting with a number.

Modern : The new fashion might be to leave these empty?

Anti-Kitty : -

Thrills : Now you suggest a prefix?

Buzz : The account isn't increasing, but that wouldn't be good, would it?

Aerosol : Speak for yourself! My shit doesn't stink!

Haste : Yeah, but forget about 'em that want it before then.

Wrapping : You get to choose a word for unsigned.

Aluser : Tedious communication with a 'yes or no' dialogue.

Probe : Taking verification seriously.

Soapbox : Backform this one and you might just get a clue.

Border-Gateway : Customs officials help us with 'our tech.'

./upgrade : $distribution $old $new --best-guess

Whistle : And there we were thinking, 'us'!

Skeleton : When dummies revolt.

Arch : I'm not sure if this contraction is untoward.

Heels : Trust me: I will regret this.

Mememe : It's a form of encoding.

Audible : Annoyances you can trust.

Manual : When you're thinking about finding a sun bed.

Discipline : 'Look elsewhere!'

Love : A 'thanks' to those who spawned first.

Hover : To 'assess' England we start with showiness.

Slang : The effects of being cosmopolitan.

Packets : I wouldn't call it 'bitty,' but patience is not the word.

Mom : My own? A self-made meal says, 'maybe.'

Estate : A trust? In the hands of the state?

Shelving : A quick game of noughts-and-crosses.

Distribute : The 'shins' of this one we most certainly want robust.

Centralize : Shall we talk open protocols, now?

Motherboard : Yes? Uh, wait: that's not me.

Modeline : Like sound, just less important.

Input : Until it stops just before it pops.

Juggler : Start with your own before you try me.

Nepotism : The what we really mean.

Jump : Giving and taking instructions.

Sign : Keeping Defarge in his cups.

Whitespace : Is it useful, though?

Rich : Yeah, but what about 'pointedness?'

Flag : Looker.

Choice : The ones we don't have.

Pabx : My dear, is this where you want to start 'binary' from?

Turkey : A follower of Benamuckee asks the obvious question.

Wretch : I'd like to say, 'look all ways.'

Attach : Revision of what didn't get stagnant.

Logbook : This.

Filter : If I put my hand there, I'm going to be touching yours.

Cursor : Uhhh..... yeah ... if you think there's anything in 'tech'.

Advice : Retrying with an exception.

Chuck : 'Even me!'

Running : Uphill and downhill? Check your logic!

Girlish : 'That' decade.

Shuffle : Yes, but have you got to the top of segregation?

Street : I hate it too.

Menu : 'I'd like the poo-poo platter.'

Ingenuity : Stick this up your arse.

Document : What's not portable about 'format'?

Invoices : Before the accountants told us they knew better.

Spies : Another word for 'demons.'

Jobs : If there's two at one, there are two, surely?

Hindsight : Something prickly to replace with a dot.

Thee : Something like Mach? I haven't looked.

Timeout : Someone please give me a (metric) countdown!

Carnate : Stretching a poor substitute.

Island : The abundance of ink leaves a 'hey' but what's a hat for?

Substitute : A word of many flavours.

Peat : Tarred.

Counting : This is a lesson.

Retry : This is Retry, the first.

Brackets : Starting with what scares the hell out of you.

Self-Defining : This creative addition excepted.

Dots : .............

Demon : It goes both ways.

Robust : Moving on from what's redundant and inexpensive.

Nyet : I had no idea this would do that.

Cross : Looking at everything else.

Rename : This is a big deal; but say, 'office,' first.

Art : Do I need to be creative, here?

Team : Hear ye! hear ye!

Mariner : -

If : Let's first put aside 'deadliness' on the matter of gender.

Satiate : 'God bless you please, mis-anthropo-guess.'

Pipes : Don't forget that a lonely one just counts time.

Mach : The back-forming to what's progressive.

Security : A herd of Unix-replacing daemons.

Leap : Look, if you 'get this,' let's talk about a balance with nature.

Scurry : Setting fire to pigeons.

Cable : The tapping on my shoulder suggests that this one's going down.

Entry : 'But we've been doing it this way for so long!'

Dust : A return of lip service.

Sex : Now there's no 'not me.'

Source : Linguists descend.

ZA : 'Technical' or just fun?

Bulge : 'Speaking in tongue.'

Sperm : Just putting it out there.

Tables : A bored sketch.

Propaganda : The twelfth system?

Email : Excuses, but no apologies.

Left : Ways of asserting veracity with one syllable.

Water : Is this what you mean?

Comms : On the feet, on a seat, skip a beat; shit.

Golf : How to trip up an innocent bystander.

Chrome : Doing things all wrong.

Prejudice : Sink your teeth into this.

Eclipse : Sitting with a Pyramid stuck up my arse.

Proof : So this is how easy it is.

Complex : Call it too much coffee.

Money : But what colour is it?

Auction : An idea for a team-building get-away.

Interest : Send me gold and I'll find someone to make something of it.

Contraception : With respect to what I know not of.

Model : All of them: A, B, C, ...

Rocket-man : O! Those clever britishers!

Amuse : If you aren't, why would you say so?

International : Continental, Bifurcating Muslim.

Licking : Nice fruit tree. What do you do with all the fruit, though?

Gosub : This is like 'editing' the stack.

Green-Tree : Do I need to define, ambiguity?

Orbit : How to: stay 'this side' of 'too much.'

Tractor : Now it's 'your' invention?

Naturalist : Delving into 'that' decade.

Disorganized : 'Undis' leaves us with a natural on our tongue.

Rationale : I won't tell you the logic is 'tight.'

Village : Do not forget my name.

Hillcrest : 'That's a Ridge, stupid!'

Day-o : 'Just a bit of adultery.'

Light : Test-bed hat.

Peace : You know what they say about when we sleep.

Nudge : Obsession, Phobias, Queues, and Romantics.

Assoc : If someone steals this, tell them to come back to me on God.

Harems : Done one, done 'em all.

Generation(s) : For those who say, 'why do you call it a template language.'

Pie : The other theory is that it didn't rise properly.

Picture : Do we need to chop off a piece so as to ask, 'heads or tails'?

Twinkling : Let's call this a backup.

Bower : Two thumbs pointing at your's truly.

Pegging : Let me know when the thoughts are dry.

Organs : Like Brian, brianly.

Posterior : If that's not pretty try kick a shin.

Absolutely : Let's start here, for what's a 'right attitude.'

Welded : O! To be a well-grounded creator.

Bran : Is 'spanking' any kind of chaff?

Muscle : Dare me? I'll show you will!

Sketches : Fling! Now let me do that again.

Anime : Just not sure what to say that's both respectful and pointed.

Stolen : Check out this robust digital crown!

Legs : A little less fun, please.

Colour : What's definitely, absolutely, true.

War-driving : Mmmm. Porridge!

Micro : Do you insist on calling me a unit?

Pineapples : Sunlight and water and these.

Allah! : Hope my punctuation meets you groovily.

Comet : Or meteor or any fucking thing you all call Allah.

Kill : I can't think of anything dumber.

Frisbee : Descending into the creation of emotions.

Wizened : Hold on to this while I refer to an Older one.

Hippie : Look at those furry teeth!

Lazy : That answers all.

Pianist : Mommy, are those things where viruses come from?

!is_there : Those logicians who don't know what's more fun!

Retired : I've heard 'put out to pasture,' but that makes me hungry.

Stomach : Is it 'appiness?

Verge : O! Gracious ignorers of what isn't 'sorted.'

Horse : What colour is an Arab?

Dope : You ask me colour, now?

Organized : Something other than what's 'routing.'

Gathering : Let's do talk about resolution.

Martyr : Howto: Find a bad Englishman.

Boogie : And fucking noisy, too.

Eggs : After the driving lessons.

Fireworks : Blowing up what's 'better than me.'

Plug : Oops! I'm an au~to~ma~ton.

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