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How : Is that a headache?

Zip : Re-release.

Heartbeat : A kiss goodbye.

Closet : Cain and Abel sitting in a tree.

Rings : Find what won't break down with many more than one.

Initials : 'Let me be brief,' he said. 'I've listened to you talking for three years and I know you've been waiting for me to start. But there clearly isn't anything worth saying. So this is it.'

Stagnant : Controlling a stall.

Test : Comparing the eyes to the stomach.

Son : A task for one who has to know everything.

Endemic : Choose a flower, not a principle.

Welcome : This is me.

Security : A secret disclosure.

Inquisition : Gipsies and Alchemy.

POS : A yoke for a puzzle.

Etc-Blah : The smoking of the tea-leaves starts with an app.

Storey : My intentions couldn't have been purer.

Meadow : Rolling the hay.

Laugh : And the whole world feels an obligation to see a joke.

Think : Shout! Shout! Let it all out!

Model : Everyone say gui.

Measurements : Close your eyes, make a dish.

DB : Beauty and the Beast.

Packaging : Don't put your head in a plastic bag before you're told to do so.

Purpose : Here's a random number for you.

Title : The title is giving me grief.

Host : To split God in two, or not to. Shall we dry-run this, or must we send laser-beams into orbit for the sense of security the multi-faceted approach gives us?

Cache : Proxies are obsolete: long live the proxies!

Meditation : Try not to think about it

Console : No such thing as standard: how else could communication be fruitful?

Rubber : How many for the game?

Baby : There's so much more to life than being useful.

Circle : Such a logical child and all he does is think!

Evolution : The blueprints that replace the cardinals.

Pivot : Removing the crustaceans from their perches.

Logic : Is there a God of Art?

Uniform : Vampires in corsets.

Unix : Safe text.

Primitive : Sticks and stones with maths.

OK: Leak, Alarm, Format

Lexicon: Abs, Addiction, Atoms, Baby, Bored, Cellophane, Circle, City, Closet, Converge, Coquette, Creation, Desktop, Dogmatic, Endemic, Evolution, Girl, Gravity, Grid, Heartbeat, Hornet, Infinite, Initials, Inquisition, Invoke, Laugh, Lexicography, Logic, Mars, Measurements, Meditation, Miracle, Model, Old, Packaging, Passwords, Pivot, Pointer, Politics, Pot-hole, POS, Pregnant, Primitive, Purpose, QBE, Rect, Rings, Rubber, Saxon, Search, Security, Sire, Smoke, Son, Stagnant, Storey, Test, Think, Uniform, Wee, Welcome, Work-o-sphere, Worth

Mi: Analysis, UES, Basic, Voice, Start, Cache, Creator, Cypher, DB, Eentsy, Encoding, Environment, Etc-Blah, Flush, 7-bit ASCII, Host, How, Sanity, Step, String, Cursor, Toe, Reset, Shallow, Cookie, Paint, Polar, Connector, Polish, Lift, Config, Baffle, Chaos, Root, JPG, Text, Beta, FSCK, FSF, Script, Unix, Click, EEE, App, GPL, Zip, Font, Cheap Design, Prick, Inspire, Irony, Mess, Meadow, Fini, Console, Colour, Game, Perfect, Visual, Date, Weaving, Space, TMI, Sane, Say, Hymn, Fork, Accelerate, Automaton, Axiom, Biological, Buckle, Easy, Title, Stick, Equality, New, Change, Passenger, Regret, Fraternity, Horrible, Dress-maker, Sin, Ugly, Support, Slate, Hope, Recursion, Relative, Caveat, Venus, Yeomen, Political, Must, Togetherness, Mother, Eke, Commit, Ghosts, Turing-mas, Loss, Unit, Forty-Two, Proof, Diplomat, Driver, Yo, Goal, Socialism, Clique, Protestant, Piggy, Labour, Mesmerism, Advert, South Georgia, Native, Disturb, Cynic, Taal, Poland, Patriotism, Suicide, Adam, Race, Manual, Cradle, Resentment, America, Liberty, Composite, Var, Weaving, Well, Zoo

Atlia Cisow: Sorcery, Crabs, Dying, Venn.

Update log: Basic, Smoke, Dogmatic, Var, QBE, Coquette, Grid, Inspire, Visual, TMI

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