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If something isn't going fast enough we need to accelerate it. This can have the unfortunate side-effect of us working in someone else's way of thinking.

Firstly we come to ordering and alignment. Alignment amounts to the wasting of 'small amounts' of memory; ordering gets us to look at a grid. This grid, unless placed on the Cartesian plane or the Complex plane must be drawn on your wife's back: thus we debate the existence of matrices. But we turn ourselves away from matrices in order to look at a boot; which gives us sympathy with those who deprecate discussions about Linear Algebra. This leaving us with a paucity of means with which to entertain ourselves, we note that a camera works 'like an eye'. It is through the contemplation of dimension that we come to be able to build up a picture from measurements and material.

It's not that we don't believe in the Architect. But we have to take ourselves seriously; and if we don't make use of GUI Acceleration our attempts haven't yet left school.

And I don't know if they aught to.