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When people are going around telling everyone that they don't want to be alive, those of us without dependencies can end up thinking that what the world needs is Adam alone in it. To do this we need to find someone who knows he would've been happy in a walled garden with Eve. The conditions being right, we can exclude her in another country, by making use of people who, for instance, would think it ghastly for their daughter to become a housewife. This would effectively put her out of reach. There may be loopholes such that our chosen Adam can reach Eve, but we are monitoring him all the time.

It may so be that we needn't do anything, because those who dedicate themselves to the playing of hard to get will avoid all medals.

The park, in places which are not in two minds about the whether to be civilized, represents a compromise. Park benches need a bit of maintenance. Some places lay on the maintenance a bit thick; for it also provides the kind of employment that socialists most love.

Socialists are just a group of people being led on by rotten eggs.

I know where I stand in terms of the being of a rotten egg, in accordance with the game. But we can't move while we're laying eggs; which is the only way we can avoid looking at books.

Books are fine, but not when people are refusing to listen to the history of what they're looking at.

History repeats itself. Did you know that?