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'This is so tedious. I'm sure I can do a better job.'

But face it: if you don't have a drop-down, you'll be shat on. Of course I can adapt 'this thing here' to actually save me effort, but what are the parameters? Arguments?

That is a bit of fucking ridiculousness: saying so I plunge ahead without giving thought to the saving.

All I'm wanting is a list: 'do not compile' about summarizes the modification. But parameters are things we walk along: they are not to be confused with what's an exception for the sake of diagnostics and getting 'self-definition' right.

That self-definition is on the matter of an actual fantastical machine that adapts itself infinitely to any type of actual machine. This gets us thinking, 'come on old Ken and Thomas! You could've done a better job!'

And then I realize it's actually Ken and Dennis; but we're sure they didn't bother themselves with GNU, so who cares?

So why is it necessary to say all this? For one thing I've discovered another mistake of thinking that's one to rediscover: that dependencies are about what is output, whereas the list I'm seeking is about what is input (I hope I'm not doing anyone out of a 'specialist job').

So what do I do about the parameter other than remove it, now that I know it doesn't do what I want?

Leaving it there, obviously, would be wise if I didn't have a way of not repeating the same mistake.

This does change the possibilities: but I still don't see myself connecting to anything 'real' before winter's over.

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