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One who's had their trust broken by all--with one possible exception, but when there is only one we are unable to have the benefit of the doubt that alone allows us to prove their trustworthiness, might, on account of my sympathy with them, require me to painstakingly re-evaluate every one of my relationships from their experience; which, naturally, starts with my relationship with them, and my failure to trust my heart against the evidence of my senses.

A conditional is not evidence of mistrust. Like the word Victorian, calling Logic a game allows us to distance ourselves from simple facts.

The simple fact is that love is much of the same.

Some say that God is love, but if we tell them that they aught to assert that love is God, they will simply say that that isn't how it is said.

If we are to be logical we must put aside assertions of equality that cannot be tested. Some say that logicians believe they can prove God doesn't exist. Some say that every man must find his equal.

Once found, a man must think about providing for a family.

Finding my prospects amounted to that of redecorating the inside of my house, and admiring kitchen appliances designed in a wind-tunnel, while hearing that porpoises have the perfect shape, and knowing that creative as I am I'm no good at interior decoration (and the thought of cleaning is frustration), and trying not to loathe a man related to me who didn't stop talking about the throw-away society, an aerodynamic toaster failed on me.

I had bought it when I thought that my skills were perfectly suited to my needs; which skills require a moderate application of logic.

Persistence is key in every endeavour. I don't believe my mechanical skills are to be sneezed at, and I do own a soldering iron, which I was taught how to use properly. But security screws are there to protect American children and African children from harming themselves.

Ignorance is dangerous indeed. Sharing a story of a toaster designed in a wind-tunnel allows people to bring the discussion to shapes in the abstract. Not being able to get inside the thing can bring people to claim that we don't know love from a donkey. The contemplation of shapes is very much the contemplation of what is the inside and what the outside of them.

I don't know if the love of Jesus is all the shit. I'd have to ask a man who has been a convenient short-circuit in someone else's plans.

His cousin, who was a very persistent one, came to own the saying that some things must be forged anew.

Besides the obvious question of why things are being made with light-weight materials, which things do not need to be light-weight and which materials cannot be reforged, the internet allows us to place what is obvious to us for public scrutiny without having to bribe anyone to publish it, and we can hardly preclude the growth of knowledge, so that while it certainly does take some people an awfully long time to get a fucking clue, I don't intend new readers to have to look at my teething problems, this is not a fucking web archive, and if your religion or irreligion or anything in between is coincidental or causal with your honorability to read something to the end, I recommend you go and look at Revelations now and then find the two words that come after it.