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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Which pollution shall we make the loudest noise about?

Let me rephrase: which corruption shall we make the loudest noise about?

There is no conspiracy required to explain the fact that for the last thirty or forty years, the loudest noise has been made over pollution that is invisible. For that is pollution which we wash our hands of.

There is no conspiracy required to explain the fact that for the last twenty years South Africans have made the loudest noise about government corruption. For that is corruption which is a necessary part of the system.

If we look at all corruption and all pollution, we may find that we are corrupters and polluters all; where then absolution?

For my part, I believe that it is right here in front of one: you just need to be a little OCD about version control (but not about XML).

Learn HTML and CSS and setup a dot-app!

For, on a social media site, we are placing ourselves in the hands of those who claim to neither be capitalist nor socialist. Trust welcomes circumspection; and further: I prefer to have my ideas unjostled.

Which pollution and corruption do I consider the worst? There is no doubt more than one. And the one flaw of the written word is the tendency to ascribe importance to precedence.

The one flaw of linking to another's site is that it carries with it a sense of endorsement: but to repeat what another has written is plagiarism.

I am clearly a corrupt individual, as no power of will can stop me saying: Anthropogenic Global Warming is about the most corrupt institution the world has seen in two thousand years.

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