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It's fun to think of America as world leaders in everything. At least, for some people it is. People who think that video presents us with new communication possibilities, for instance. It might present us with new educational possibilites; but we think it might also be serving the purpose of withholding information, such as that anything has ever gone drastically wrong with educational schemes.

Or even slightly wrong.

Except insomuch that Americans don't wear uniforms in their government schools. Girls looking at the word statutory might, at times, have looked at themselves and thought that the government didn't have the right to tell them how to grow into women.

It may so be, but I am just a man, which is a different thing from being a real man, that such girls saw school uniforms as just a challenge in terms of how they were prevented from winning hearts by getting a boy to admire her dress sense.

We had a right to consider our education system as better than that of America. Someone took away this right, and then when we put all the facts together we couldn't say that our sense of superiority was at all based on fact, so we simply took to demanding our rights.

We know where America is. Everyone does. If we are to ask where it came from, we would need to know the qualifications of the person we are asking. Everyone holds a piece. Everyone knows not to put their pieces together.

Mighty fine chocolate.

Non-Americans mostly like to maintain a sense of superiority by looking for examples of Americans with little intellect or few scruples.

To us it has been our terror.

The thing we have to know is that the world is finite. Conversations that go on and on and on require energy. Turning the world into a solar panel doesn't seem to be making optimal use of our intellect. Cutting down trees to put up wind turbines takes us back to the word scruples.

But it's best to consider this a global phenomenon. They talk of the fishes. I prefer to think about eating a fish than talking about them, though I'm no fisherman. And why would anyone have fish without chips?

I don't know if anyone has considered me as a foolish schoolboy who missed the main attraction to the getting up and going to the old day-care centre for girls and boys who differ with definitions that were imposed on them without their consent, or their parents' consent, or their grandparents' consent, such as the statutory age. But perhaps a girl who was considered a foolish schoolgirl, did.

I differed with a definition which neither my parents nor my grandparents resisted. But I wasn't going to have any children so I didn't have to worry about which day-care center they'd have to go into, which the definition of matriculation requires of any responsible parent. I didn't even have to worry about the correct way of spelling centre.

It may so be that a schoolboy who suspects a terror meets a schoolgirl who is considered foolish and thinks that whether she thinks him foolish or sensible they might get together and choose not to have children.

However it may be, we all need to think about history. We all need to forget about the room, which may have been box-shaped or scientifically shaped for the optimal teaching of history, and painted white or with the colour which most inspire individual thinkers to think of yesterday, and had the word history above the door in Times New Roman or hand-drawn by individual thinkers, or if the room was one which gave us goose-bumps by representing a prison cell, and when they took a class photo they sent it round the world as an example of how we are treated in our country, or if there was no room at all.

If there was no room at all we can't forget about the room. Perhaps it was given in the country-side where boys could aim toy guns at each other. I'm afraid you boys are at a bit of a disadvantage, old chaps. To be able to see the ground underneath you, you are going to need to get on a boat, with a pile of books. You might want to take a pencil with you and a pile of paper. Not everyone needs creative expression, but those that do, don't like to think that they haven't progressed from drawing boxes and writing the word history.

Experienced sailors in a boat that they own might cross the ocean without remembering a minute of it.

I like coffee: do you like coffee?

Settling our differences with the past is a prerequisite to us entering into any discussions about history.

Not being a stooge who's been paid to support the ends of those who benefit from our choice of drink, I simply drink coffee to fuel my creative process. Composing something without venom while inebriated is something I've only recently been able to achieve.

But don't ask me what I was thinking.

Arguments about beverage selections that are not started by those who might benefit from the outcome of the arguments, are what we call family drama.

I didn't consider this drama to be burdensome until I found that I was being told to declare my preference with no sight of drink.

Then I came to wishing I was on a boat by myself with a pile of books and paper, and an array of pencils, not to mention rubbers. For all men are free to take risks, but danger is a game; a game most suited to those who don't leave the city, or when they do, make sure to come back with a certificate to show their bravery. Which is fine for most people, unless without our consent we're given a certificate that shows that we're just as brave as them.

Such a person says goodbye to his mother country for good, because his bravery award goes along with the demand for his declaration of his preference.

The difficulty for an author is that they don't get to write their own biographies. How could they?

While bizarre readers wonder why a bizarre web-logger would say that, after he's detailed much of his life, I know I talk to no-one at all when I mention the name Don Quixote.

But that book, amongst others, gave me a better idea of America than simply the place to avoid, and a better idea of Spanish culture in relation to culture elsewhere. And a better idea of what Knights are, and a taste of Abrahamic religions, and of revisionism.

Which silly nincompoops will impute on me no matter what I do, so let's say I just leave it here?