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If we kick off with maintenance we'll have to ask ourselves what we're maintaining: that's an error of the flow of thoughts.

Thinking that someone mistook your meaning, before they've responded, is rather a sink-hole than an error.

The problem is, once the message is sent, you don't necessarily recall the meaning, yourself. And sometimes there are things we say just because they make the message 'fit.'

So if we get a comeback we really will be scrambling.

'The enemy' is necessary to mention, because it's been plain as day how this fits into the constitution of a republic. It's also plain as day, now, that 'led' and 'misled' don't require two leaders. So you might say I must prepare to be pricked; but I think I'd rather make a list.

And you know what 'X' says.

With that in mind I might just be able to see my way through what's an animation that's about making passes. That can't be done without recalling that we had it easy in our day, with latticed windows guiding us, which were no matter for a person who liked to do a job perfectly.

Just remember that windtunnels aren't build with the idea that no-one will be looking.

Now think about the spoken word as I block my ears to silly ideas, while looking for an analyzer called Brian.

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