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Fuck! Who took who meant a drowning.

A 'just a' we're working on might've given more trouble than they're supposed to give. This one now gives me trouble on the personal plural. It's either defiant--I shared my thoughts and hit trouble, and there really is no thanks to anyone else--or it's a long apology for others, who can't or won't speak for themselves.

Until it's perfect? I wouldn't bet on it.

The big D, I have to tell a younger crowd, is divorce: it paralyses. But so do medical conditions.

The first that needs to be mentioned--because defiance is paralysis itself--is one who sealed my fate on the drowning. He goes about now without the wife who knew how to keep happy one who would rather be going here to there and back again within another's plans.

Anarchy is the hat this wears.

So as not to be fuelling myself with what could be made without money, with patience and time, or getting started on the long apology: if there's no we, it's either you or me, buddy, who's got'a pull the plug.

And that ain't me.

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