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Finding that no-one was going to put me in a box so that I can contemplate Complex matrices, and the hopes of that happening at the end of my life were powderized by those who advocated cremation until they could advocate it no longer, though to some it is the foundation of the manufactured life, for not much having changed since the foundation of Oceania, I find that patience has paid off for me, for I do not want to contemplate Complex matrices and I only see them, now, as inspiring children to see double.

Seeing double is a natural state. For instance, animals who are taught useful skills often share these skills with other animals. It can so be that when one man has single-handedly thus civilized a nation, his descendents are yet expected to be gracious about it. But we now have clear evidence that such graciousness means that the nation remains a bunch of fucking animals. Skills are seldom things one can learn in a book. Trying to civilize people is a waste of time: the inferior types can only resort to animal pride when in the presence of their betters. Some people refer to the lack of writing as demonstrating an inferior type of person. Being able to make letters does not mean that we're not animals.

People evade racial designation by relying on boundaries laid out by civilisors. Descendents of the civilisors are then watched to see if they break a rule that was received from without the borders.

I am English. The English have made a lot of mistakes. But we're beginning to see South Africans who are not English for what they are instead of picking sides.