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Sketch Three follows from Sketch One and Sketch Two, so we 'might as well' go on. But 'I'll be a monkey's uncle' if I can 'get around' three-dimensional photographs that were 'just there.'

The cost of production ties itself to the methods employed: the assumption, for one set, was that clay figurines had been used: this was for 'Moses and the Plagues of Egypt.'

Another, which was a cartoon, recalls animation from the Far-far-far East. So it's believable: those buggers are 'way ahead' of us.

But now I'm ignoring what has preceded, and calling it a 'just a,' that brought me from 'there' to 'here' - it was 'just one of those things,' and I simply 'took the measure' of personifying Unknowns.

And then, 'who knew!' - there they are again.

This is rather unpleasant.

After Sketch Three is Sketch Four. But 'as I say that' I note that I missed one. The fifth sketch, chronologically, precedes the fourth. This takes me back six years.

Personal sketches take me back to the time we were 'eating humble pie' for not having 'won the rights' to host what's about the exemplary use of the limbs that recalls Ancient history.

This, then, is a message to those who deny all unknowns. And those who call them One. And those who assert the ability to count them.

Have a look at these perfect leaning models!

And then find someone to give 'acdeefghhiknoorsttt' to.

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