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Trying to drop your cigarette butt into a dirty toilet can mean that missing is dirty business.

Verkramptes are people who don't know how to show respect to strangers. I'm an Eighth-Pole. If someone tries to sweep me around they find I've got the blood of a trickster. But it is just like an innoculation: for a trick, if the English round about are playing a game called I forgot the rules, and start talking like Verkramptes, we might describe a place of work or two as Kernel.

Saving money, we can look at telephonic presence to describe why a process needs a companion between which and Kernel the communication is a mystery. At least, we won't pry.

A process can make new processes: this is obvious. Seeing that the right amount of companion processes have been made is the job of Kernel: without a companion, a process must draw itself. But we find ourselves telling it to stop wasting time on such vanity. The companion, on the other hand, takes, or is given, the means to present its lord as the kernel requests, or as its lord issues update directives. But we come to need a third object.

The third object has to do with the keeping of the hands free, so it works in inverse to the holding of a child, for instance. A hair-brush might be a good example. Looking at my dirty hair, I can't help noticing that a razor-blade is a higher priority. Either of what we may do with such things, for which we're looking for a generic term, demonstrate tasks that can ill be subdivided. It seems to be a great fuss to slam and lock the door for every update to data that the companion uses for display. But we didn't have a job for display, and mutexes, though seldom talked about as belonging with the drawing of an app, clearly do belong there.

Mutexes can be implemented with file descriptors, with a preloaded buffer, but that way of thinking carries with it ignorance of theft of knowledge. And only a simpleton can call that ignorance.

Or a Philistine.

And so for once the boy from the seventies has nothing to say to us. How close companions form is something that has puzzled people for thousands of years. But creating two processes at once needn't get us redefining the world based on how we feel.

I might give the hotel guests a chance to think about mutexes, but we have something which will only get people asking why I didn't do it earlier, even if I do it right away. And there's no remedy for that: we have to procrastinate just the right amount so as not to be exemplary.

But we're still looking for a generic term for something like that which can be applied to grass as a hairbrush or a razorblade can be applied to hair, and which has particularly to do with completing the picture. And which we may use when we particularly don't want to talk about exclusiveness, simultaneously.

Any feedback will be appreciated. Not about my appearance, obviously.