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I still have a reluctance to blow my nose: which may have something to do with handkerchiefs.

Paper is hardly to be called, waste, if we know that the forests are being managed.

Getting rid of --colors.

This option being enabled by default, means we must take white-on-black as by Royal decree. Perhaps 'yours' is the 'other way' - the matter is that we do not want to venture into 'themes' simply in order to exercise a variation that is a flip of the coin.

First off, then, we need to look at a .profile.

This is now a rather bitchy thing. It rather makes me think of getting an early dinner ready. The fact is we need to go through the tools one-by-one unless we can find an 'off' button. Starting with 'ls' on Alice might be poetic, but this will be our 'just say no' flag: we've tolerated these fucking ugly colours for decades, now.

It is not an improvement, sweetheart.

Being able to distinguish a directory and a file starts with the tongue: though what encouraged me to keep up with how I speak can be read in any fucking contrasting pair of colours, I'm afraid you're not going to get me to go back to reading about Emperors who were getting the spoils of conquests. Not when what goes to make that vague term is what you meet in the streets, in your house, and in the office, all telling you something about a reward.

Now, what's 'architecture,' and why's that something you'll need to know everything about before we think about saying 'howzit' to each other?

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