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As far as chasing one's thoughts around the world, the reading of historic novels, to me, is preferable to the going of to places whereat we will be told how people are made, just in case we thought that elsewhere things happen differently. As far as experiencing that aspect of the marble that isn't perfectly spherical like other marbles, we might just as well hold the fort so that people wealthier than us can come to us with such reports.

Architecture gives us something to contemplate, but it takes a lot of thinking by oneself to come to realize that in the contemplation of old buildings we must contemplate the empirical system of building in contrast to that which requires the use of dividers. But before the decimalization of radial coordinates we were told about the distant days when people navigated by the stars.

An architect must assume a foundation plane. Conceivers of things which are to be big tell an expectant world that curvature has been planned for. Builders of things of all sizes are not likely to argue with those who pay the bills on the matter of tiny fractions; but, you see, a floor not made using water as a level is a dam. This is a somewhat significant fact when considering things like factory floors, but we don't intend to start a war with makers of bridges, who are given the playing field, our tax money, and free reign to tell us to contemplate a world with gravity that is perpendicular to the surface, everywhere.

Which is just to say, 'how have you been keeping since we last spoke? I stopped thinking that rocks could be cut into jigsaw puzzle pieces without making use of vast amounts of energy, no matter the tool used.'

It's just ridiculous! Who would rove around ancient monuments and then come back and say that the stories that the locals have about how those buildings came about are less realistic than to say that aliens made them?

Come to South Africa! Aliens make all of our public infrastructure!

Just about any of our parties would insist that a pyramidal shopping centre or a wall next to a road made of native rock alone is worth any amount of public funding if the like was being done in other countries.