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Having moved 'across' successfully I find I'm being pressured to 'go back' without stepping back. Going back any number of years I think of listening to music with a good few drinks in me. This gives me a picture of a train. In enemy's territory.

That being suggestive of rank carelessness, it's to be remembered that those who built the rails believed in making concessiong right up until 'you can't any more.'

Armoured trains give us an example of something that was not invented as a result of a war effort. This will be useful information to those who know what 'bothersome' means. The amouring of a train, of course, which means the armouring of carriages and an engine (but, of course), is likely to have only been useful during a war: but you'll now see that the idea of doing so would've long preceded any necessity.

This is 'something like' to me.

The necessity of completing 'this' or 'that' thought has mostly to do with the what you'll be told about what 'they' are busy working on. So now we do have a question which will be easiest to answer if we imagine ourselves with one railway track from 'here' to 'there.' The question has to do with the marking of the position.

'That's piss,' they say; but then they ask us why we're suggesting they're most like dogs.

There are two matters of marking. The first has to do with how we 'get on it.'

Now I'm going to add a third. And I'm going to start with it.

And if you're expecting something more, look for a better it guy.

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