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It's worth noting that Saturday became an additional day of rest when England found itself with an empire upon which the sun never sets.

We don't like to use the word never in terms of something which is not forever, but this idiom is appropriate.

I don't wish for the old days of an Aryan race setting the rules; but Aryan I am. This is the racial definition that follows the study of language formation.

Those who prefer to give or take a blood sample in order to place facts on a map usually find they've placed themselves in an experiment, and looking at the future not the past. To these I speak what I know to be true, which they may peruse as my opinion while they wait for their results.

I'm bloody absent-minded; this means that but an unexpected note or a chord jolts me. Those who like to annoy absent-minded people tend to be related to doctors; for the repeated shock they can give does lead to medical trouble.

The noise that computers used to make, before computers could play music, was supposed to have the same effect. It's called, designing apps which help people work more accurately. Thus calling the BEL character obsolete is a matter of calling all users, everywhere, helpless fools.

And I'm one of them.

Such features were not optional to the users of systems. But users were fooled into thinking that other systems wouldn't give them the same run-around of potentially useful features that were imposed on them by system administrator programmers. This annoyance and ignorance on the part of users presented itself as an opportunity.

And about then I was born.

I don't believe in healthy genes; absent-mindedness, however, is not just genetic: it's the best gift a child could ask for. I've been self-critical of the trouble my education gave me, but that was a matter of looking back on goals I had set for myself, which were presupposed on my not needing to get involved in politics.

Nor having to work with people I couldn't explain the facts to, because we were twenty years down the line of feature run-arounds.

And the BEL had been given to every user, to tell every other user they were doing things the wrong way.

And the people--users and programmers--to whom the computer truly was their toy, naturally became impatient with users who were looking at new features which were supposed to be shortcuts, and asking them their opinion on them.

Or asking them what to do with shortcuts.

Feature run-arounds then sublimed steam power and got into a high-speed train. This was done by convincing users that making an app is so easy that they could do it themselves if they got hold of the tools that programmers make use of.

And bored people certainly did tell me about the apps they were making just for fun.

The only minor detail was that the tools were unreliable.

Custom built apps designed by consultants are not a good idea: not when it truly is the case that apps are not difficult to make, if only we can get the tools perfected. Instead the tools for the making of rough-and-ready apps were declared an unholy mess and taken away from everyone.

That was about twenty years ago.

Some time back I began to tell people that they must understand that OR is always inclusive. To those who can get themselves to think through the various ways they use that conjunction, that is one way to come to understand logic. This does require imaginative powers: giving examples is futility itself.

To those who are not convinced, I suggest they capitalize the word when they are using it logically; OR we are preventing ourselves learning anything about what's in front of us.

There's lots of money to be made setting up debugging environments, I hear.

While I let the implications of that settle, let me give you the one piece of advice which anyone can take if they are willing to try.

Don't think of something easy to remember: take what comes your way and work on that finger memory!