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Talking of places which some say are countries of asses, which assinine behaviour is mostly harmless except when that is all the politicians themselves do, we place one beast on the scales of social jusice who at one sitting did eat a full batch of scones.

A creature which accepts the challenges of its own heart until it finds it must accept the truth of the being of the condition of lost then tosses one back on the condition of judgmentalism on the part of the operator of the scales now looking for the maker of the scones.

Which baker happens to know how to make scales to test whether a beast truly accepts the challenges of its heart.

The feeling of asses, which involves nothing of the rigged game of deliberate accidental contact, but everything to do with the sad game of trying to get emotional contact after a beast knows it has just been placed on social scales, the rest of its pleasant contemplation of a place that used to remind it of a beast the pleasant contemplation of which led it to the condition of having more senses than five. And other things two relatives might do who can but talk around where this extra sense came from, such as talking about cars, and watching films depicting the truth of the steps down which the English culture has descended, which while educational can only make us feel like asses.

Except for those who cannot live without contact of a subset of the five senses.

After contemplating people and places that only evinced the quality of the lack of judgmentalism, for that must be lacking in a town devoid of discernment, the senseless beast took a pie to a wedding to which it was the only of its colleagues to go.

Besides the one getting married of course.

For its trouble it received a comment on a photo which connected it to pity, bicycle helmets, vehicles which reject the word quality with as much vehemence as it can muster, except on the matter of the appointment of their interiors, and, of course, the incessant organizing of staff parties in which everyone gets fucked.

But we're improving all the time, aren't we?

I can almost be sure I'm going to feel an ass for something I've omitted.

But if anyone thinks they can brand me as one, has clearly been reading my assinine comments all over this site with their eyes closed.