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In the middle of the Atlantic ocean we find evidence of a great island that once was.

Though the children of this island, or continent, had the love of writing to a great degree, the letters that remain are not understood. Though some find a quicker solution to mysterious evidence by referring to extra-terrestrial aliens, and become dogmatic to a religious degree about their explanations, we have ascertained the veracity of the legends of Atlantis, by the evidence of common artefacts on all continents and islands of the world.

On some of these artefacts symbols are imprinted, which by a painstaking process we came to understand give the date of manufacture, the company responsible (we assume some similarities between Atlantean businesses and our own), and the mark ever difficult of regulation, of the stuff the thing is made of.

But Atlantis was mostly known for her ships.

That she was master of the waves, we receive affirmation of in an echo of a saying which comes to us by word of mouth (which form of the relaying of history can change a hundred years to ten thousand).

The thought of sayings relating to civilizations that have passed makes us liable to repeat one which suggests a civilization without blemish, upon which the sun shone with perpetual brilliance.

Such sayings we recall with the feelings of a soldier who lost his closest friends when his whole life was ahead of him, who spoke in defence of the good that he fought for, and with the feelings for this soldier's wife who lost her very own brother, who was more soulmate than playmate, in a cruel aftermath of the war.

Every good scientist knows that justice is -1°K.

Every good citizen of Atlantis knew that while hers was only -273,14°C they could not do harm by spreading the message to the world that colder is the word.

Whether more from the fact that justice is by definition ever elusive, or more from weariness of having to put on so many layers of clothing every day, discontentment existed wherever the system did.

Whatever Shakespeare's true identity he was very aware of politics, so that he was able to give a picture of a factious split that every peasant would recall and retell, in which picture the leaders of the factions, instead of determining to work persistently at discovering the true cause of discontentment of two parties who are forced to live, as it were, across the street from each other, they chose to make a compromise and attempt to abscond from their respective supporters or families.

We are told that a marriage takes place within the heart, or it is not anything more than such a compromise.

We have heard that the letter of divorce can allow a man to practise experimental theology, so that while in fact putting away his wife, he goes about in the community as a respected religious personage.

And his wife then gets called all sorts of nasty things by the community, because having to now find herself a source of income with the skills she possesses as a housewife--everything excluding that of lying on a bed--it may come about that her best skill is that of getting unhappily married people to find a way to commit to each other in their hearts.

We don't like to introduce the topic of timing when that's something assumed in just about all our hobbies, and required for someone to be good at who makes dinner on a regular basis, but our intuition tells us that there are sufficient numbers of people who want to feel happily married before they think about getting a hobby, that such a put-away wife might have anything that money can buy, except what she's selling.

While it might be difficult for us to look at political causes behind what amounts to savagery compounded to cupidity on the part of a husband, we know in which political party those who do not believe in monogamy truly belong.

The history of the ratification of marriages, in Atlantis, appears to be lost. Divorce is about separation that excludes the organization that originally ratified the marriage: we must assume, therefore, this was introduced by those with great political power who did not believe in monogamy.

Thus far, it might seem that we're talking double.

To be objective we must put personal experience behind us.

To say any more, I must answer for another.