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Grabbing something to eat simply because I haven't spoken myself into silence, and sighing about my teeth because the old days of dentistry are long over--having your teeth seen to, nowadays, bespeaks the hope of having someone to share your half-chewed meals with--I find the old days, which are simply the young days, remind me of the inadvisability of brushing aside interpretation.

This can be seen as soon as we ask ourselves, with what shall we brush it away?

Hearing someone say they can see atoms, to which another responded, 'those aren't atoms,' was followed, some years later, by disagreements that led two people to think they were living in different worlds from each other. Now, I'm pretty sure the walls aren't listening; and if I mention spontaneous mass hallucinations, that might just get them to untrain the lasers from the windows, as well as to power down the millimetre-wave mind control devices that they're using to prevent us going over the top.

Or are they going over the top?

It's really a question, to me, whether they're using the hierarchical token bucket, if so. That, by itself, led me to question my sanity. Perhaps someone should salt the tails of those who can sit all day and every day in front of a screen.

I wouldn't recommend talking about leashes.

But, now, that having much to do with 'flappers,' while in between the lines I recall dog collars, I'll have to kill myself, just this once.

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