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I don't have much balance in my life. But that came without my looking for it, and then it left, and left me looking backwards.

A partnership was rejected, which has meant that I have not been able to look back with fond memories. But it was unanimous at the time that the personalities involved were poles apart, at the very least.

I had to take a chunk out of my capital to appease those who seemed unhappy to hear that memories of trouble grow dim.

But now I'm back to my problem of having too many drafts. Thinking about how a telephone directory might be used in a pub or a tavern, and thus how my mind might wander in such a situation, it's worth noting that for three quarters of a century such books were circulated and the rule adhered to that we only use them when our intentions are pure. A group of men at a place which they wanted to believe was a pub, knew that only a tavern would allow a customer to be refused service at the whim of the staff.

But I know I'm revolting. I know about the gravitational pull towards the land of the free.

America is a very broad term, which is possibly why it is so attractive. States with ill-managed borders can hardly be called sovereign: the federal authority exactly mimics what the so-called rennaisance was a rennaisance to.

Health passports are just the thing for people who like the feeling of authority; thus we have to accept that some cycles in history must be repeated.

Thus some people must be automatons.