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Steaming ahead, I must ask myself what cross-platform means. A 'source release' makes this considerably more difficult. Bootstrapping is generally only thought about by the most devoted.

Is that all of my business or none of it?

Let's start with the 'cloud' storage of what belongs to us: for that began in the days we were trying to get known by starting GNU projects. Some goals voice themselves as being my own, but then I have to ask myself whose fucking time this is.

Think about the community, some said: but then we had to nod our heads about fucking religious studies; and then we had to appear shocked when those holier-than-thou students did just what we have been saying they all have been doing from day fucking one.

So it's quite the opposite of okay when a parent 'turns to God.'

Now we must watch their children, and wait. In the mean time, progress will be made; and our thoughts will be made public whether we like it or not. So that's what we're supposed to take as motivation.

Putting aside the cross-platform is a similar trap. So now you know.

And now I need to think about just how bloody convenient it is to have to avoid what's unlimited for the question that will ultimately be asked when seeing to the stomach brings us to awkward questions.

For now, this should suffice for why I have not devoted myself to converting the neighbours.

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