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Imagining a rotating sphere, I know it has an axis of rotation. I can't say why I know it, but if you know it too, we may proceed as if I have just mentioned an axiom. If we are to create an axiom index we must first create an axiom language; to do so we must decide which of us gets to choose the symbols or sounds. In all likelihood we'll need both symbols and sounds. Sound is obviously just a vibration, but so is an earthquake; and then all our records might get lost.

Trying to think when we can't take anything for granted is called a conspiracy of one. That is my term for the phenomenon; or my definition of the term. The letter x and the letter y are taken for granted by many. Multiplication gives us area, but we must also take negative area for granted.

I'm alright, Jack! Sometimes proving things is a matter of unwinding our misconceptions; and then prettiness is like a cake decoration.

I shouldn't have said cake. Now I feel like I've just given myself proof of such a thing as negative volume.

But I'll eat a sausage instead: it's more nutritious. That is true, isn't it?