How not to wish for the end of the internet. Finding it necessary to unplug? Maybe you need to get rid of your friends instead.

Chat Windows

"What are you doing right now?": is that a good question? In effect, that is what one asks when asking, "are you busy?". Human Beings, as Sapient as they get called, take forever to adapt. Chat apps are great. We can type to each other, and we can talk to each other. If those two forms of communication were the same, chat apps would not exist. But we intrude on each other, for no good reason besides the fact of our ignorance of chat windows.

A chat window exists when i'm "at my punin'bler". The difference between being at it, and it being with me, is free will. If i'm at my punin'bler, and i have a chat window, feel free to call me. Chat windows are much like the clouds though, and expecting one is going to result in disappointment, sooner or later.

The long and the short of this, is, that going from a text communication to a voice communication is an upgrade (or a cross-grade), which no Etiquette classes have ever bothered to investigate. If you call me without preface i will exercise my free will; rather check the stock of my chat windows beforehand.

General and Specific Chat Windows

I can talk the hind leg off of a donkey. If our chat windows coincide, don't complain to me about your hind legs. If we have not negotiated a topic for the chat window, it is a general one, which some may interpret as a challenge to find out who is the donkey.

Safe Spaces are reasonable desires, but badly implemented. If you want a specific chat window, let me know. They are mixed up with general chat windows, but are not the same thing. If you want to talk to me about bicycle training wheels, it may be that i do not want to discuss that with you, just now. Relationship theory makes it obvious, however, that if you ask me to talk about them, i will assign one of my specific chat windows for that discussion as soon as possible.

"Are You There?" "No!"

People have been communicating with each other, half way around the world, for fifty years about. It was possible, long before the Internet had reached us poor sods, to check if someone was online or not; yet it was considered good breeding to check if someone had attention to spare.

Somehow, now that everyone is online, the term AYT is never used. This deserves investigation; because we know that someone can see whether we've read their messages, many people are choosing to give themselves "offline time". Because the expectation is that i reply to you within a given amount of time. But then, you must reply to me in a given amount of time. The rules of instant-messaging intercourse has us in a trap!

Once you realize that "no" is an acceptable answer to "AYT?", you'll see that "why?" is not an acceptable response to "gotta go".

Gotta go.

A fortune-cookie for you: It is difficult to legislate morality in the absence of moral legislators.