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The intention of this library is to make one's backup scripts easy to read. We also include a token file on the backup media, which prevents us backing up to an incorrect drive by mistake.

First off, then, one must create a file called "media-name.txt" on the backup destination. This must contain exactly one line, with a name of your choice, but which must not include spaces: as this is a command shell, it is best to restrict the name to only include letters, numbers, the dash and the underscore.

In the backup script which follows, a list of valid media names is given, as well as a list of drive letters. If you choose, you may put every letter of the alphabet for the latter; otherwise this list is to be adjusted according to necessity.

To prevent overwriting your backup by running the script on the wrong computer, the PUNINBLER variable may be set to a list of machines from which the backup script is allowed to be run.

We can thus do our server backups from any punin'bler on the network without fear of misconfiguration.

Finally, the options that are presented include two dry run modes. It is advisable to make a standard copy backup before setting up a backup script; and then run one of these dry runs (which should show you that no differences were detected).

Do not make changes to, or otherwise experiment with backup scripts without having at least two full backups of your data.

@echo off

set VALIDMEDIA=brian-usb-a brian-usb-b brian-usb-c brian-usb-d brian-usb-f brian-usb-g
set VALIDDRIVES=d f g h

call %SYSTEMDRIVE%\libraries\1-backuplib.cmd CHECK
if errorlevel 1 goto :end

call %SYSTEMDRIVE%\libraries\1-backuplib.cmd CHOICE
if errorlevel 1 goto :end

robocopy %rcopt% \\dns323\volume_1\documents %BACKUPMEDIA%\dns323-documents
echo Completed backing up to %MEDIANAME% on %BACKUPMEDIA%.


1-backuplib.7z: this is to be extracted to C:\libraries. If you are a little brighter than the rest, and choose to make changes to this library, I adjure you to give the altered file a different name altogether; which will allow me to make updates without fear of ensuing havoc.

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