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Vagabonds, though they have all the riches of the earth, at times choose to brighten a city dweller's day. Not being very hygenic, they can't very well paint their faces. Generally speaking they prefer not to sully the water ways, town or country, with their personality. In their handbag, then, which is conveniently designed to be carried such that the hands and arms are free enough to climb cliff faces, is an app-device, which unfolds and attaches to the head so as to frame the face. Some might call it flower-like.

To some, it might recall the custom of wearing bonnets. But vagabonds watched from the outside as a culture became obsessed with the length of a woman's skirt, and dispensed with the matter of how ready she was to demonstrate to any chance acquiantance the ease with which it could be removed; after which it began to measure the wearer of trousers in accordance with their experience of such a demonstration.

If I concentrate very hard on a window I once considered my own, I can imagine that everything I've gone through since then hasn't happened. But people have been born and become mothers in that time, and there's unfinished business on the outside.

But not with a flower child.

The vagabond is not a Mime: the feelings are real. Being ignored when attempting to brighten someone's day brings it to recall why it is a vagabond.

Looking at an app window that does not paint its face, we note that the face provides the means to chuck the flower about, get it to lie flat on its face with only the label on the edge visible (along with a pictogram that wearies all vagabonds everywhere with extra creative work), and it also provides the means with which to give a clear sign to the vagabond to put away the flower. Most operating systems provide us the means to punch a flower-wearing vagabond on the nose. This we might do if he's taking up precious resources that another set of procs are looking for, and didn't take our sign.

Don't you just love virtual machines? Isn't it great that they're free now? Of course, they were free before but now they're open source... I mean, GPL.

A virtual machine allows a vagabond, for instance, to pretend to be a fairy. But our vagabond simply puts on a caterpiller suit and calls himself Vermin. And then he does a stand up comedy act, cigarette in hand, that gets someone to bring out the bug spray.

The baffling question is why no-one punched his nose.