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As a farewell to British Quality, the BBC gave War and Peace their best effort, made some tolerable productions of some tolerably good or intolerably bad (which two are the same) English Authors, and then allowed a foursome of porpoises to tell them, the BBC directors, that they were penguins. This is Tux, the Linux mascot; where the acronymn GNU comes from would most definitely require us to draw you a picture of the beastly reasons that are responsible for intolerable and tolerable to be indistinguishable.

If I ever believed in automatic writing as something wholesome and as something I aught to consider in light of my circumstances I have an English author to blame, who was good, but has given his descendents the power to sue anyone who attempts to prove the whether he was tolerable. I only have one inner voice. How I can say this and yet talk about automatic writing, is something I might discuss at a pta meeting if I could be sure the doors were barred. The meeting would also need to be held in a building which contains an inner chamber.

Fairies may exist, in the way thoughts exist. But we have a very good use for them, which has existed for around forty years. And I've already mentioned it. I have no problem with a company building an operating system that doesn't conform to POSIX. I have daemon-sized issues about one that doesn't give credit where it is due, in terms of operating system discoveries. The issues started off as fairy-sized, and I tried to get people to join the GNU cause. And then I found myself looking at pride as a real variable, and at trust from the other side. And at endless arrays of things of low quality which we can buy to show our support for the GNU cause.

I chose to be practical, therefore, and followed those who guided me: all are pets in comparison to education.

The introductory paragraph is not one I can claim credit for. Neither do I intend to prevaricate about how I received it, any more than I have.

Which, with any luck, will give non-programmers an idea about what ©GPL is about.