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One race can't say to another, 'you stole that thing from us.'

I am going to hold up a mirror to you, which wiser others have placed in my hands. This is not selfless: it's a matter of seeing things with the blessing of those who do know what is what. A short phrase we grew up hearing, just about every time 'they' talked politics, was one I came to doubt anyone bothered to give thought to, on the matter of how it does or does not apply to us or them, now.

Perhaps you see something in motion. My selfish degeneracy allows me to make contact with what isn't a suggestion, which is compounded by being a grandson of one who believed in absolutes. A Christian Empire sounds great: but there's only the problem of respecting the rights of the sale of any darn thing to the highest bidder.

Do you prefer living alone, with nothing but financial worries, that much, that you'll take away the rights of everyone, all at once, to say that they have a master who leaves them nothing to do unless they want to?

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