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For the experience of imagination we might imagine we have someone else's hands and see what we don't do with them. We, the non-imagined, would need to be pretty sure of ourselves because the experiment isn't to lead us to anti-social behaviour such as hurting people weaker than us or taking what isn't ours. Pacifists would but need to know the difference between someone who claims to be hurt by words and gestures, who will be offended that we're imagining them without their approval and consent, and someone who doesn't deserve a solid thrashing. If I had Bill Gates' hands I'd work tirelessly with the aim of nuking America. This is an age-old dream of mine. With Richard Branson's I'd put my head on a track and wait for a train. When people think they've found the Antichrist they forget about whether a person is trying to do good or whether his interests are unashamedly self-serving. I'd want fame for exactly one reason, and it doesn't have to do with getting girls to play with beach-balls on my desert island. It certainly does have something to do with what Bill Gates is trying to achieve, because cheap medicine is unquestionably a good thing. But we can't help thinking that natural remedies must bring us back to looking at the word witch, and at the beginning of the bible when people lived a long time, but not the part which we think the rather refers to nations--which gets us around private interpretations.

The experiment of imagining oneself with someone elses hands might lead us to do nothing other than writing. It is a crazy mixed up world. Crazy mixed up people do crazy mixed up things, such as giving themselves imagined and non-imagined hands. And yes, my imagined hands gave birth unassisted.

Which is certainly my ideal fantasy: not because it makes her extra tough; just because we dispense with the machine that goes 'bing.' Laughing at yourself in hindsight is one thing; finding that you didn't have the foresight to know that you're looking at a mockery of what you'll go through, something else. When we talk about waste and dumps we end up talking about disposable nappies. This can mean that those with experience will predict our selling our principles for convenience, and then we start looking for a suitable candidate to assist us with a demonstration. But then we need their character to suit us more than ever or we're dooming ourselves.

Doom! Doom! Doom!

So we go on fantasizing but then begin to feel a little jealous and guilty for not being able to help: real fantasies need to happen in real time.

There was a time a girl would have told you it was obvious why she didn't want a photo of herself circulating, even dressed as a nun, but couldn't tell you why. Now we've gone through an enormous workaround and while people might hear the word joule and realize it does not have a double meaning, the question is, are these fairies, as one computer graphics movie so delicately termed internet porn, only available when the sun shines and the wind blows?

Some people don't like to see the word work-around. I used to not like seeing the phrase, Baby Brian John Deere, much. But then I got over it and people stopped using it on me. In other words, make the work-arounds in your life the first thing you think of with your coffee, and some years down the line you'll have nothing to do but look at the ceiling. And then you can say, have a nice life, with a clear conscience.

Very nice girls have very nicely told people all along that there are not two types of joules. Comments as to the whether I deserve the attributive noun nice are welcome. I'll dispense with the very adjective, nicely. As I should Mom's feedback page before anyone else uses it.

But I have a work-around prepared for when the comments come flooding in :-)