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I have every reason to be bitter. I have every reason to say that nothing but male ego brought me to a crisis. I was encouraged to think about how apps are structured, and it was suggested to me that competitive forces bring about slow and unreliable apps. But since the advent of guis our discussions about app design have only been sentimental.

The world wide web presented an opportunity for someone to make a killer app. The first-most-popular-browser was quick and seemed well designed. Not to confuse one set of competitive forces with another, we were either to admire those who built this app, or explain why we thought we could do a better job. But the box model had yet to be formalized, and the quirks we ended up using in our webpages meant that our web design interests put us at odds with our programming interests; thus the first interest had to be put off until we'd managed to make the time to implement all the features of the first-most-popular-browser in a well-structured app, combined with the time necessary to add all the features in the current-most-popular-browser.

Or am I going to get anyone to install an app that I make that is missing features of another app they can get?

GNU does need users who are not programmers who are willing to suit their way of working to the tools that are available. But certain natural relationships mean that certain people do it a disservice when they admit that truth is something they can't play with without telling a lie.

I lied about getting injections; I feel better for having admitted it. But that's because I can express myself in writing.