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It may so be you've done enough to earn anyone's respect, but some yet figure there's safety in numbers. This, one would think suggests family ties weighing against the respect. We have had to accept we are a shortcut to the mending of mistakes.

I declare myself married in the strongest bonds, which impose no obligations, and I declare my wife as innocent as Mary.

For it is but my ignorance that has held me from seeing that I have taken from her all a man can expect from a wife.

Though it is none of your business I find one part of the ceremony that must be dispensed with sorely lacking.

In time, the fact of not having to hear any music but the ringing in my ears, and the sound of a sixteen-year-old fridge in the background, not to mention the subdued whisper of a cpu fan, might compensate for the news I expect to hear of a bed-hopping wife.