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It does take a real blonde to take the better part of a year to realize that if no-one is paying him, no-one has a right to his time. A letter of divorce might be an extreme measure, but no less extreme than allowing people to talk to him who won't or can't let him see them.

And so we might find ourselves publishing what's on our mind, seeing as some people refuse normal communication channels.

Obviously many people avoid emails, on account of them being, like with letters, acceptable to be retained for life.

Broken marriages are responsible for the throw-away culture, in my opinion. Never having consummated any marriage, my divorce is merely an act of releasing myself from anything I might have said in conversations which vanished from my recollection.

There are none righteous; no, not one.There are none righteous; no, not one.

This is imposed on us by those who tell us to get on our knees.

A marriage would be a very tedious thing if your mother-in-law is called a witch by all your relatives except your mother. In South Africa it is possible for conditions to be treated without them being classified such that patients must submit themselves to medical experiments. My grandfather lived in times when family doctors were most common and were referred to as old sawbones. As he lived to ninety-three, I came to think that modern medicine is about killing people before their time. He did get a pacemaker--after he turned four score--but this involved a considerable amount of self-diagnosis. Longevity is a matter which we cannot avoid. We must leave biblical interpretations aside for the importance of figurative and literal truth has to do with the avoidance of going from speaking double to speaking nonsense but referring to things which aught to be kept from decent conversation.

You have lovely buns: try not to wake the children while I dig my claws into them.You have lovely buns: try not to wake the children while I dig my claws into them.

In the vicinity of the coffee shop was a nursery for infants, and it was nap time. The coffee-shop manager went off as one stunned, and is of sense forlorn.

Getting someone to be second fiddle doesn't mean you're capable of removing their fore-thought; thus thinking that you picked up a broken fiddle, after tightening the strings until they break and it still not behaving as you expect it to, you might leave it lying around for someone else to fix.

A computer guy knows that raw material goes in, and finished product comes out.

Broken things are for poor people to dismantle, to get scrap value for the recyclable bits.

I learned to code in reverse polish languages because of repaired calculators that were not designed to be repaired.

Which I think should explain why I chose to publish a letter of divorce on killkilltheworld.org.za, instead of a certificate of marriage.

The clock is ticking for me, but slowly.

Perhaps I will, after all, be able to recover my memories. You better fucking believe I'd rather try that than think of attempting to negotiate with foreign business owners.

I am not returning to the thought of education, and that's final.