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We lived in a city divided. A colleague of mine, who invited me to a film with him and his friends shortly after I joined the firm, seemed to think that only semi-morons got the girls; a boy with brains, therefore, should be so lucky to be recommended to a single mother who looked after her figure.

The difficulty was that my colleague, though a number of years older than me, hadn't worked out that a pretty girl who walks around town with her boyfriend or husband is walking around with something that means considerably less to her than her handbag. I don't know if that colleague ever learnt it; he certainly never stopped thinking, while we worked together, that only sheer arrogance could bring me to think I deserved a wife who didn't present me with a decision already made; we also joked about the legendary days that girls kept their virginity for her future husband. I would fear the most that would mean I could no longer think of having friends.

What none have seemed to be cognisant of is that the kind of intercourse I have ever sought is conversation.

Brauns, like other things, exist in the actual and the emulated. But the actual are pretty scrawny. If there's any doubt, the key lies in the pride or lack thereof of having an intellect at all. It wouldn't be a good idea to put one to the test by calling it an ape; besides having self-pride like the rest of us, emulator brauns are particularly insecure.

Perhaps the same can be said about brains. Actual brains know to get a qualification which will get them a well paid job so that their wife has options. An emulator fails to keep a business together, struggles to qualify, gets annoyed with everyone because the only job he can get is below his intellect, and then takes to brauny activities like working on motors; might as well be a jack of all trades if you can't be the master of any.

But it's alright: I no longer need to make a boat (I almost blew it on account of my hereditary conditions). Married to thin air or something more substantial, it seems I do have a wife with actual brains.

The evidence has something to do with my arrogance, and something to do with what I've been able to shrug off.

Mostly that. No-one with actual brains would have overlooked an opportunity to strike a deal to make a lot of money: what will the girls think?