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In spite of everything, *! How easy it is to say, global village. Thinking about a list of countries, we discover one unarguable reason to have a global organization that is funded, ultimately, by the citizens of every country. As we're waiting for the creatures who say, 'that's obvious,' to be tucked in bed, we simply refer to the fact that conflicts of interest means that though one person could do the job we've identified, it being the kind of job that only a hermit would enjoy, at the very least we now need our global organization to include a recruitment post. And therefore we need a third--a manager. But then we need to add a fourth so as to have gender equality. It would be safer to have two people in each role, so we up that to six. Two managers means a board. Unless the countries themselves are thinking collectively--and fast--the board will insist they have enough people for a deciding vote. And therefore, requiring both an even number of board members and an odd number, they'll settle on having a sufficient number such that no-one notices that there's one extra man or one extra woman. And if anyone does, they simply add one, and then another. At some stage, someone might ask for a list of races.

The Mile High Club

Excuse my innuendo: I don't want to beat around the bush. But when we detail problems, too often we are told that the problems were foretold by people who could only refer to glasses half empty or half full.

Or we're told to buckle our shoes.