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The fish finder, which is a fischer, has the useful association to the kind of gui resolution we consider is good enough, which has the advantage over nicer looking screens that until perfection of the operating system is reached, we do need people to know about pixels. If people are not paying attention to the damage screens can do to their eyes, not only does the high color, high resolution display become a display of carelessness, they might start thinking that looking at a screen all day is what causes the damage, and strong-arming programmers into making convoluted features which can't be turned off, which is a very good description of the word bug.

So much so that I'm going to claim it as my own definition, and dedicate it to the memory of a weight-loss company that shed the weight of gui workstations.

Now coming to the plain facts that bygones must be bygones, just as every business must be a tight conspiracy or it will fail, and the spirit of one of those conspiracies being that I continue to keep it a secret, so that we again see that the effort of writing logical statements is in bringing the facts together, which is just a logical exercise for logicians, there is the matter of loose ends. My limiting proclivities are on the matter of not accidentally picking sides in the matter of the disintegration of limiting proclivities, which disintegration can hardly be celebrated.

Which revised decision from a higher court of the Jonnes Place, which has not settled the matter of there being a highest, suggests I'm going to need to have a den with a will.