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Let's talk about colouring, without talking about colouring in. See, either you're as intelligent as me, or you're not. If you claim to have a 'wandering mind' I will need evidence for that, for I will need to cater specially for you, without being allowed to say that you are a special case.

See, we have not yet decided whether there is such a thing as a trained mind.

The difference, in my research, which includes books that many said they did not have the attention span necessary in order to digest, is on the matter of making guesses: but this is where the two are quite indistinguishable. We need to start with what all can see. At this we find the introduction of what all say are what aught to be making the choice about colour.

This was where I suggested the painting of the fingernails, but alas, us English are such boors, that we only have a special word for one of them.

The index is quite inappropriate. So I'll stick you with the middle one, if you think now's the time for us to mend our ways. Being restrictive on numbers is just what those who everyone tells us to get advice from will stick their middle fingers up at. And so we end up with pattern-books, like what cascading spreadsheets have brought about. Artists, as far as I know, have quite absconded.

But I'll tell you that we need Frame, and I'll tell you that we can't pretend Divorce has caused anything wrong--and I'll ask you who is being the impersonal sausage now--so that restores a nice set. As you have more than one thing, on your thing, getting them to conform is more than just 'a nice idea.'

But you'll have to take that idea inside; giving it to you has been a part of setting aside the idea of interfacing with untrained minds.

Is mine trained? Well, we'll have to negotiate ourselves into a war of words if you think yours is.

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