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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.


Capitalism is what socialists call the system that exists.

We may therefore define a capitalist as one who sees the system as having no leeway for improvement: the rest--neither capitalist nor socialist--must simply find ways of earning their bread.

We can make our own bread; grow our own wheat. I am yet ignorant of yeast, but I can Google that, right?

We all have our own server room now, it seems: the router doing what a quarter of a century back, took a full sized computer to do.

Computer fans! The very idea of running a thing so hot that the heat cannot be naturally dissipated. We just couldn't wait for the advancements that the following year were sure to bring.

That is, assuming we had the choice of a computer without a fan.

In the mists of time, there was a requirement for electronic equipment to be kept at a regulated temperature. Besides for the analogue television network, this absurdity is all in the past: microcomputers--the majority of computers for the last half century--have never required it.

The computer fan was therefore a decision which the manufacturers imposed on us. The IBM PC power supply came about because the IBM PC had been cobbled together in the first place. No manufacturer in their right minds would have put it inside. But they were taking bits and pieces from their mainframe equipment--equipment which had been variously built with differing goals--and arranging them in as small a space as they could.

We have IBM to thank, therefore, for introducing fans to PC's. One noisy fan begets another:

"Before we reach our next design goal, we will simply run this one faster and hotter, and sell it to a public that just can't get enough of us!"

"We will do this slowly, mind you. Slowly boil the frogs. When our next design is ready, we will pour cold water on our own eagerness to get it to the market."

Did Intel see an opportunity in what we have been told about Silicon (the industry)--that of it following a predictable expansion--to claim that this same principle would apply to processor speeds?

Or was that tale of prediction, itself, an opportunity being made?

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