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I watched through a series which is passed as British comedy, some years ago, while patching a pair of jeans. English Calico was valued by Africans (in the days none but those who knew no ancestors but those from Africa called themselves African) because it was more hardy than animal skin.

As one recognized by many as a programmer and nothing else the only contribution that would be considered by those who know me thus, as demonstrating that I believe in quality, will be a quality app.

'What can we do about it? They're forcing junk on us!'

If you have a grain of respectability in you, would you laugh under your breath at that?

I've had a good life, in spite of wading through junk that everyone blames on everyone else. My folks have kept me on the strait-and-narrow, and we can at least be proud that other people are envious of our relationship. But at the age of thirty-four I could do nothing but become a typical Joe-bloggs-burger: that was when I followed the crowd onto social media, and began to allow people to interrupt me, with the only purpose of making me unhappy.

A year before, a project had come to fruition which proved that my efforts in devoting myself to producing a quality app were in vain: by the time it was implemented the original cause, I knew, could not have stayed in the same place. The implementation coincided with a number of pregnancies. Management stopped doing its job because of this and ill-health. People who had been diligent lost patience. Peculiar ways of doing business was criticized.

But I like to do things differently, because that way we can be sure that we didn't butter the wrong side of the toast.

Did you know that technological progress is going to happen in spite of Brian Jonnes?

I needed to say that: there was a time that I was being referred to whenever it was clear that a programmer had missed the obvious. Obviously I could do better. Obviously those programmers were trying to debug an app into shape until it got approved by an arbitrary product manager.

Debugging an app into shape is a lot like debugging a website into shape.

Obviously when we start a website we should start with a goal. Pretending I never had a website before might not be a very good one.

A man who crafts a website might impress a few girls thereby. If he tries to use it as a device to attract a wife, she might tell him to get rid of it after a few months.

Kill kill the world!

I like to think proactively: but where are we going to find quality websites?

I'm just retaining this webdoc as an example of how we might revise things into oblivion.

The Pope agrees.