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Remembering my vegetables I'm reminded of problems that don't have a stable solution. I do remember that I needed my pronunciation of caveat corrected; which is about as embarrassing a story to tell as any. I learnt the word on the internet, in the days when the only word that we could listen to pronounced was 'Linux'. I still pronounce that incorrectly. I still get annoyed with how people pronounce data, though if we take datum as the base word I'm also incorrect there. I started drifting off with the idea that knowing Latin would have in any way helped me with my learning disabilities. The truth is that some men you just can't reach.

I don't like it any more than you do. The wisdom that's as old as Rome is obviously obvious. Problems with products that leaves the buyer the choice to take it or leave it may simply be called bugs by the comfortably ignorant. But a caveat is something which has no known work-around. An example of one crosses from the versionless web, in which we just had to make sure our pages worked on the most common browsers, to Web Two, in which we just had to make sure our pages worked in the most common browsers. The example particularly pertains to the problem of paging.

A page is either received as a full document tree, or it is built up with script. But the script will also receive a document tree in some form or other. Computers do provide us with a use for the word overcountable--and it is reached very quickly. Showing portions of a list is the only sensible thing to do. The caveat is in the timing of a visitor going from one sublist to another as the list is added to. Going forward, duplicates will be seen; going backwards, items will be skipped.

I'm not equipped to assess the size of a problem. If someone persists at calling your caveats bugs, the solution of an off-the-shelf product gets them to commit to the ancient business principle, caveat emptor.

The caveat of writing that is that I'm now looking at a cave attemptor, which I could only avoid by caving to the feeling that I aught to be a pre-empter.

Thou art weird and wonderfully made. Saved!