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Cellophane is a miraculous discovery. But the generation that couldn't get enough of the new, and had been raised, or otherwise encouraged, into thinking that though the dumps are growing the problem is being dealt with, voted with their pocket for packaging material that is more durable than stainless steel.

One who never fails to surprise--for how you can tell which manufacturer will use cardboard packaging is anyone's guess--did the bit in the hyphenated parenthesis. Not that the boxes got thrown onto the dump: they are included in the will.

Doing 'something', which amounts to that which prevents the country being littered by the zephyrs that refuse to leave the dump alone, another with a will, who seems to think that cryptographic messages predate computers, and even telegrams, was generously provided the information that cellophane, by another name, does not contribute to the waste problem.

Discovery: what a concept.

Looking for information, I found what is given as new information. But we learned about biodegradable plastic, which was somebody else's problem to bring to the general public, thirty years ago, say. Naturally it will have to do everything that regular plastic does, before the general public will vote for it. But so as not to be living off charity, we become unequally yoked with those who tell us to shine our shoes and think about the recycling of electronics.

Looking at the records of entertainment, we see that general grocers, who were people who knew their customers, and didn't offer them the same product in differently decorated boxes, could only take to labelling the culture that had supplanted theirs: in a welfare state, such people could only fight against the receiving of money for nothing.

Grocery stores called convenience stores for the sake of a gullible public, which are given local terms for the sake of empty patriotism, have not bothered me but that they turn all the world into a stage.

The feeling of having an audience of one is not foreign to me. I know why shopping centers and supermarkets are attractive to those entering adulthood. But I was fortunate: I didn't have to get told to get rid of all my friends: I did that myself.

The Party!

Exactly one friend, on reflection, showed as having kept me from trying to adapt or hide my weirdness. We yet can't identify where the rush comes from. I am yet ashamed for thinking that others had short memories. But the feeling of being isolated, for some of us, started a very long time ago, as if we had been placed in a transparent package that no-one wanted to buy, because what's inside is a little too oily.

And, unlike those miracles of modern engineering we can be patriotic about, they don't tell us that we're doing something for our country by eating them.