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Preparing myself to do something I don't want to talk about, I say 'Config' with my mouth half covered: the thing we like most, to guide us, are dummies. These are usually referred to as 'examples.'

The change from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc gave us an indication of what works together; but we're not sure just how continuous that story is. Now I've got myself some Config things to look at, which involves painstakingly getting something to work, and then breaking it again, if I don't load up on the coffee, and tell the sausages not to get too lonely without me, I'll 'only be doing it to myself.'

You make something like testparm if your intention is to get everyone to use the internet instead of a fileserver.

Making the mistake about where to leave the coffee, because I don't have anyone to guide me to the rule, now that I'm looking at config that aught to be possible to centralize, did someone say the word Symlinks?

What does that word mean?

I'll certainly be looking at making a backup, but I need to look at Distribution, and while we have compatibility, the 'backwards' does not apply to the output of a thing with a pentagram in its stomach, under GNU.

Does that mean I should just 'forget about it,' because getting the thing referred to is as simple as apt-get install ${pentagramthingie} #(curly brackets are a matter of style, here)?

The 'next sip' needing justification, I'll make that you.

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