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People talk to us about CGI as if we don't know the difference between ray tracing and texture mapping.

CGI is not, in fact, computer graphics. It stands for Common Gateway Interface.

Some people may hereby gain sufficient insight so that the following explanation will not be necessary for them.

A ray-tracer algorithm must trace every pixel multiple times from a viewpoint to a light source. The processing requirements of this are staggering; the energy requirements no less.

Texture mapping uses matrix multiplication to transform a triangle and paste it on the screen with a raster texture and light sources for the purpose of shading.

With raytracing, shadows come automatically; and we do not need to determine which objects are closer to us: both of these are inherent in the algorithm.

It is worth considering that a surface is either reflective or non-reflective (a non-reflective surface may reflect a light). This is relevant in terms of following a ray to its source. The algorithm is fairly simple: manipulation of the objects is the difficult part. The objects are also made up of triangles, but the triangles need merely to have a diffusion index and a colour.

Raytracing is what people nowadays term CGI.

A computer graphics interface relies on texture mapping. I don't intend to tell gamers that GPUs are turing machines. Gamers are way too cool for me. And determinants are a thing of the past, to them.

At least with a computer game, there is no risk of the gamer discovering the wind sock. However, there is also little chance that the gamer discovers anything at all.

I might say I watched people entering The Matrix, but I couldn't stop them, because they wouldn't listen to me.

Inside this Matrix they had their children. Perhaps their children will listen to me?

You are trying to prove to me that realism in computer games proves something itself; that computers cannot be understood but by those who make them (computers or computer games).

Is this because you are unwilling to try to understand them yourself? Is this because you refuse to submit to knowledge?

When we submit a form on a webpage, a CGI programme is invoked. Most often this is written in a scripting language, and returns HTML.

Those who know me, know full well that I am willing to explain anything that I know. We find ourselves at logger heads, however, when we try to play games the while!

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