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If you tell someone an explosion was felt the world over, they'll ask you what caused it. If you start describing any aspect of history they'll bring to mind a picture of the world; at least, if they're anything like me.

Before Fusion, many people hadn't quite accepted the map of the world. Naturally it's up to those who study that which is the same thing as cartography to tell us about map projections. Mathematicians do well to keep their projecting noses out of the business.

Someone who possesses the skills of a cartographer might give you a name for the shape of the world, after asking you what the word cartographer means.

We know that the world is no less spherical than a marble: we have in fact heard of people referring to the world as marble-shaped.

I've lost my marbles with those who refer to round stomachs when the word sphere is used, insist that the world isn't one of those, but then find themselves hopeless in the contemplation of the whether something can be the same shape as something else without actually being it.

We can't say categorically that everyone felt the detonation of the fusion bomb; some people may well have been lying on their backs with their eyes closed. The hypothesis that the Western world was united by this event, for no-one therefore being able to argue that landing on the moon was not a noble goal, is to be compared with the hypothesis that the non-Western world, which was not united at all, by planting a flag on the moon would make the world subject to her.

Try not to be too logical.

The pockets of the world were opened to America with the thought of a Moon Ticket becoming available in due course: opened wide after their flag was planted on the moon.

There are various ways of depicting the succeeding years, and succeeding moon missions. Turning a moon mission into a commonplace event would require much practice. Except they got it right the first time. Going back repeatedly with astronauts trained at great expense, and no sign of a civilian, does make the exercise look something like a bachelor going back for more when he knows the first time was something he had to do, but somehow he couldn't say to himself that enough is enough, at one.

Possibly because while he was letting off his squibs and talking boldly about orbits, experience showed him that he was being laughed at.

However it may be, the failed mission, if not deliberate, was waiting for him.

It is to be remembered that while this was happening the education system was going through an upheaval; upheavals are best recorded and referred to by a number. The number can then have adjectives added to it. Referring to numbers can then allow people to change the conversation from, for example, referring to the background of the Moon mission to, for instance, a reference to things which don't cost any money.

Free love!

I would think that freeing the word love from its bondage to behaviour that is devoid of it, more important a task for a grammarian than to tell us not to say that something is given for free.

On further reflection, the Shuttle was evidence that the engineers were losing their confidence, if not lost already. An over-engineered and mind-bogglingly expensive squib. The voting public wasn't interested in a Moon ticket. And so they spent vast amounts of money putting something into orbit that no-one wanted.

It wouldn't take much to fake evidence of a manned satellite, nowadays.

Not to mention that generated terrain became commonplace long before anything was landed on another planet.

Put not your trust in earthly things.

But my dose of arsenic is way overdue.

Here we have clear evidence of a halt in progress that involves the entire world. Yet we talk about floods and fire instead. And islands that needed to be evacuated.

And the works of Man: the televised explosion of Challenger split the Western world in two.

When I reached adulthood I had to accept that there was no continuation of the Space Programme: that fact was painted in the sky with our tax money. And if I went on to have a son, I would have to continually remind him not to listen to people who use the term, earthly things.

A division of manking into two suggests a division between men and women. But the calling of people Victorian for their behaviour which precludes that of love being free (with one exception), occurred before an accurate map of the world had been obtained.

A map created by the Challenger expedition, commissioned by Queen Victoria.