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Change brings us to look at Delta. To some a date is an event. I prefer to think of the good old days I could invite myself to my friends' houses at lunch time, or any other time; which idyllic life was stopped by a friend or two who didn't like my behaviour. I don't blame them: I was no more flexible than a church pew. But that simple act of not blaming people means we find ourselves looking at displacement with the only compensation what a datacentre may hold. Thanking people while not blaming others is a trick I've tried, but as yet it simply leads us back to the pew. Fortunately I haven't had to look at what on a churchman's computer may be found--not since guis, anyway.

Knowing that some people have come to realize that education brings us to looking at a floating island--I talk about computers specifically--and that some might know what happens to us who don't look away from the screen except for when we turn to a book of funny jokes about how others get the job done, I firstly mention the fun we had in attempting to screw 'mathematical' onto 'algorithm' in our spare time, and then return to what everyone knows you shouldn't do except when trying to prove something.

Two or more assumptions leading to a contradiction bring us to what some call debugging, and what others call, fault-finding. Assuming that we know we've only made one assumption, after we've made it, we're left with nothing to do but admit that we were wrong. But as this is a purely logical exercise, we may simply state that an assumption was wrong, as we take down the Christmas decorations. Finding something wrong with what is broadly termed, maths (don't forget the purity), we recall how happy babies are at feeding time, and how much fun it is to work on something which allows us to correct our own assumptions. This, then, brings us to yesterday. And then, the day before, from which vantage we know that suspicions may be true. This promising me a mountain of work for little or no reward, I will have to leave this right here.