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Part of writing our history is creating it. For some their documentation effort starts with a record of a commitment, which means they started at the beginning. Any beginning, of course, is a beginning. Every assertion from an author that they're starting from the beginning, can only be judged by this web-logger from experience: some records are lost out of carelessness and some are destroyed by the feelings that bring us to destroy things.

And sometimes we dive headfirst into revisionism with a sulk: "it's my website and I'll cry if I want to!"

The idea of a perfect world is one in which computers play no part; except, perhaps, in terms of managing ego. But a Calvinist, for example, would not consider a world in which the word ego features, except, perhaps, as a historic lesson, to be a perfect one.

Predestination doesn't give me much to go by in terms of anything that's happened to me since I turned twenty-one: was it written in the stars that I would be told that I was taking advantage of my grandmother in accepting her offer that she do my washing?

Family influence aside, which has nothing to do with bullying, I received words of wisdom, which are not found in the bible, from a friend.

No man is an island.

In other words, no man, if he owns a pineapple tree, knows what it's like to have pineapples without thinking where they come from.

Some of my friends, who switched off until I had gotten through the preamble, know how I like to eat a pineapple. As one, we decided that there was no satire in imagining no possessions. Thus we had to learn what it is to parody our own true feelings. This also comes from us making light of the term, civilized warfare.

A grid consisting of an enormous number of colored squares can be a very pleasant thing to look at.

I avoid the word pixel because this also refers to the element of a stored raster, which we might otherwise refer to as a raster atom.

It must also be pointed out that our interpretation of the arrangement of pixels is no less obvious than that which allows us to walk without bumping into things, which we learn when we're only crawling; it is also something which can provide a use for Complex matrices.

But Real numbers can't be represented by Integers. This is so plainly fucking obvious I can't fucking believe I'm still having to fucking say this.

Before I reach for a beer to cool myself on a rainy day, the enjoyment of which I avoid as I know I'll get back to the same thought, I come back to the grid.

If we did not have an operating system, we would need to refer to screen atoms. To a researcher, the term operating system is synonymous with the word multitasking, and not the word driver; we therefore come to the word window.

Discussing naming challenges can be like tuning a guitar up and down in order to fumble along to rock songs; which leaves me staring at a gui on date night.

Not to stir up ill feelings, but those who think I need a lesson in communication can all go and get a lethal injection, with my compliments.

Before we get this far, we're usually required to talk about childbirth and the risks a woman must undergo; not to mention how brave they are in getting themselves pregnant in the first place, seeing as they know they will be facing pain that only a soldier might know about.

And that, of course, means we will be looking at the inside of a woman's stomach in a gui window. The demand that pregnancy be seen as a matter of technological progress goes back to before the days of Microcomputers. I'd expect a woman to be prepared to give birth with only a friend to help her. As a contingency, perhaps, but not one that carries a scrap of blame, if it becomes necessary.

Strangely enough, the film which parodied the excessive use of technology around childbirth got modified: it now starts with a scene which makes use of special effects that did not exist at the time the movie was made.

What kind of dark forces could work together to remove all evidence of this revisionism?

Perhaps I now have a friend revising my preface. We all know about web archives, so feel free to use one to critique my revision process.

Men must think about fonts: that is, the ceremony that comes after childbirth, which gives the child its name.

The word window isn't a very good one for an app screen, in my opinion. But it's not the kind of thing that makes me drink to excess.

Switching between synonymns is something which programmers avoid. Facing the plain fact that I was raised within a culture which had returned to the sixteenth century, is something I've now written megabytes so that I don't wake up wondering what happened to the twenty-first century I dreamt about. Thus we accept that Priests are not going away any time soon, nor the song and dance around christening.

I'm therefore brought to the necessity of publishing what to my mother was ceremony enough.

The other aspect of computer fonts that some people could not get enough of worrying us about, until the advent of their grandchild brought them to look at the phrase, unholy compromise, with new eyes, was that graphic designers are now people with a job that requires a lot of time spent on selecting fonts and colors.

So it is for evil app designers.

We would like to think an app can be built by a team, so that, for instance, a talented artist isn't involving themselves in the technicalities of color.

Or font rendering. But as my attempts at finding the roots of cubic polynomials using my own knowledge have all been in vain, if I have to get involved in those technicalities, I aught to sell up and go into the heart of Africa where African children are being given the necessities of life by first world countries which have people cleverer than me working on the real problems.

While I have money for beer, then, I try to focus on what's in front of me. We've identified the screen element, the screensel, and while the window element might be called the windowsel, the window sill is where my beer is presently sitting. The app window is a raster, so that the word pixel is appropriate, but the pixel of an app window is something we will be making numerous references to, so we'll call it an app-dot.

The first grouping of app-dots is a rectangle. The word lot recalls the old days of South Africa when building standards were adhered to. It also provides us a word with which to respond to Calvinists and people like them.

The word lot itself can fit in a lot. The size of the lot depends on the font. This is a technical document so that there is no toleration given to those who use the word obvious, the writer excluded. We can imagine a pre-rendered font; we needn't imagine them for they are called raster fonts (they are unsuitable for desktop publishing and other industries which have evolved from it).

But now we imagine an app with a bunch of lots. Overlapping is not something we're presently interested in, because a simple app is one which makes it clear to someone who has passable english, what clicking on a text-lot will do.

The set of lots that an app is showing might change, but we start with an app wherein this is a fixed list.

Using the text-lot as an example, we see that each lot must have a minimum width and height; if we take examples of apps we use, we'll also know that some lots must expand to the available space.

Time to stop being a prick.

I cannot do two things at once, so I'll just have to repeat myself at arbitrary times and then try to get myself to agree with myself. I tried a psychologist, but I usually disagree with myself in quiet: when I first came to be two people it was amusing.

But then I got to know about how my other half felt about it.

The difficulty has been finding the right words for things which we're unlikely to have any use for. The idea is to start with a subroutine which is child's play.

A lot is a multidimensional creature. Aside from having an actual position and size in an app window, and minimum dimensions, it has a number of attributes. These attributes are determined as a matter of necessity: cheap design is cheap because we are keeping the number of dimensions, which in the C language are called fields, of the lot struct to no more than nine.

Or so-so. There are of course fields which become necessary for the sake of the routines we write. The important thing will be that we ourselves no longer have to look at the struct in order to recall the names of the dimensions.

The important thing here is to give an overview of how one of the subroutines goes about its business, which might give us a better way of describing the others. If we assume the lots have been reduced to their minimum dimensions--which is a simple process because it doesn't involve the avoidance of overlapping--we come to the subroutine which ensures that all lots have their minimum dimensions.

Naturally there is the possibility that we exceed the window size or screen size: the solution to that also doesn't come cheap.

We find we need two sets of position and size dimensions. The second set are like those things that come to work wearing a skimpy outfit, and then disappear. If we feel anything, it is material. But where they are materially is the first set of dimensions. The second set are not immaterial, but we'll call them that anyway.

We thus place the lots, immaterially, on the right edge of the app window. This is done by copying the material to the immaterial, and adjusting the horizontal coordinates of the immaterial appropriately.

We now make use of a new dimension, presently called reconfstat, which the subroutine clears to an initial value while looking at material and playing with immaterial. To iterate through pairs of lots is simply a matter of a nested loop which excludes the identity case. We are only interested in lots which overlap in the vertical dimension.

Thus we have a left and a right lot on each iteration: the determination of which is which comes from the material. We note here that it is in fact immaterial if we omit to copy the vertical material dimension. Do whatever makes you warm and fuzzy inside.

Now we look at the whether the immaterial horizontal dimensions overlap: which they aught to on the first iteration.

All we need to do is move the left lot so that this is no longer the case.

And repeat endlessly until nothing is moved.

Which obviously isn't endless, but demonstrates why we often see the use of { while(1) { break; } }.

I have made mention of reconfstat, but this is clearly a case of running before walking. It is a knee-jerk reaction to find optimizations even when we don't yet have a use case.

Other ways of crumbling the cookie very often present themselves simultaneously with starting on one, which for me very much has to do with being in two minds.

I now need to re-implement negative space calculations for a fish-finder, as well as think about how to scroll and zoom. It will be better to leave my implementation as it is, which makes use of reconfstat, which field is necessary when we are expanding to fill the room.

Which, if I don't stop at the next instance of the word now, I'll be doing here and now.