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The acknowledgment of Jerusalem was a big fucking deal: but let's forget about copyrights, because everything's now okay.

The GPL has a slant towards a particular kind of work, which implies inequality. Therefore let us make a new licence that puts things into the public domain. But we'll make this one that makes the automatic checking that is implied by perfect reproduction impossible.

Only the creator of a work will know if a copy is 'good enough' - that is, unless we have a system of scribers.

The cmp command is obsolete, as you know. In rare instances we might use it to verify a thing, but I certainly don't feel any doubt when I take a checksum as proving identity. Most often the file size is good enough, in fact, when we're looking at things that we've made.

Being able to compare two files at all seems not to have occurred to the makers of what makes it so easy to 'get around' what you own.

Or perhaps it did, and user testing showed that 'they' would 'rather not.'

On further interrogation of 'them,' perhaps the response was 'please remove it.'

See, I presented a consistent image from about when I found myself other things to interest myself with than worrying about what's cumbersome and demonstrative of a lack of a will to learn.

Do you have the idea that I want you reading?

What's the feature that every text editor since vi thinks is just an obstacle?

Now go and read up on how long others have been waiting for the world to get a fucking clue.

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