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I believe the children are the future: but before we let them lead the way we need a way to test whether we've taught them well or not; and the matric qualification only exists to prevent people having children before thinking about the future.

The thing about inspiring people is to let them think they come up with an idea themselves, and I'm not very good at that.

Credit aught to go to the implementors, it's true. No doubt it was a child who thought of drawing on paper with charcoal; an artist with mechanical acumen would be tempted to find the most convenient way of holding a pencil substitute, and thus would be unable to sell his drawings as charcoal drawings for not having a clear conscience about having played the charcoal drawing game right.

The reason the credit for the idea is important is to prevent a witch-hunt in later years; rules of games can change. Some might call it fair play for pencil manufacturers to behave this way.

Artists, however, don't seem to care much for politics. If I have a party, which was one of those things I used to do until I found all my friends hated each other, I strictly forbid the forbidding of topics before-hand. But we can't have no rules because some people might think you've given them permission to treat your room as a room; which could leave you thinking you need to go to a hotel room alone. Which is all very well and fine--everyone deserves a good pampering, but house-sitters and guests are much the same, and taverns are cheaper than hotels for one who only needs as much pampering as comes with a clean towel.

So, then, the rule which was imposed on me, I impose on others: it doesn't matter how you got there, and who fed you what, you take yourself home when the host declares it all over.

On the matter of feeding, we prefer to keep things clean, but we do not impose sanitary requirements on the host. If you don't like it, take yourself elsewhere.

Once we've decided that a vessel is clean, whether by a sniff or by offering to clean the host's utensils (we do require a host to have soap and water) we come to the matter of what to put in it; everyone likes to have something to snack on in between talking.

But snacks that come with disposable packaging cannot be consumed by those who insist they haven't got a choice but to think about the future. Forms of packaging are known to exist that suit everyone's sanitary requirements, which can be vaporized, and which leave no chemical traces.

But that was yesterday's idea. That was an idea for the inspiration of future generations.