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I am not here to teach. I have chosen my candidate. As he was told, over and over again, that no-one would understand him, I have to coax him just to say the number, forty-two.

'Special' comes to mind, with that; which may or may not be coincident with the how we might single out a something amongst a many. Let me not labour the issue, then (perhaps this might be taken as a proxy form). The matter is that the what is not special, may yet have been assigned a number.

The fact is, I am not capable of starting from scratch. And so I use 'those tools' that make us think that we're something indeed. Before we get to test, we get to see the errors we've made: possibly because we're working in haste, possibly because we're moronic, and also, just possibly, because the tools we're using are rough.

Rough tools, that are the only ones that can give us the feeling of being special, 'spit out' numbers at us: and we say them to ourselves as if we're reading out bank account numbers.

Does that make it clear what I have ever thought about you?

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