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C-I'm not about to contract to verify config: that would be fail of the century. But let's describe a fail of the last century, and stick our tongues out at those who rolled on into this one, heavily drunk, as if it didn't matter. We start with two lists.

B-If you're more comfortable with tuples, I'll have to ask you what kinds of things you intend to stick in there. That lists are related is not something we need to call upon symbols to describe the how, for. Starting with what should be an exact copy, you know how best to arrange the lists, so as to be able to determine what's different.

A-But we don't need to sink our battleships upon the arrival of what's a venerable tool that gets compounded with other tools, old and new, to eliminate a headache, entirely, that beset us as soon as we reached the unavoidable fact that adapting what we've made is better than starting anew.

G-It really is that fucking good.

F-Now, we're looking for new words for, additions, modifications, and removals. The two lists should be the same, so we must call one the old and one the new, use arbitrary letters as if this is fucking mathematics, or use 'a' and 'b' as if the world doesn't deserve to leave 'class one.'

E-So we'll call them 'u' and 'v' for old times' sake.

D-If you're missing-u, then we're going to have to talk about what I'm holding onto: this isn't a matter of following the forward march of time. That said, if we've got a mismatch, it may be that we have to fork the business. That, in fact, brings us to what installing a system is about.

C-Hello everyone! Have you got a bootable image with only debootstrap?

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