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Thinking about opening before opening I need to set up precautionary introductory matter. This might do: let me copy it as a start.

Why the precaution? The recalling to mind of some is the recalling of joyful carelessness. No-one is careless in everything: some, however, took the only care of being quirky in their greetings. The overburdening of just about anything aught to show that burdens are not being shouldered: thus we look at what receives all the credit for how a thing looks whose workdesk is piled high with dogshit.

That's not particularly pleasant imagery to start with.

But what does not know what a burden is, does not ever think what happens to soiled nappies. And I received some criticism for putting dog shit into plastic: which, to me, justified throwing the plastic away in the first place. Knowing a sufficient number of careless people you will not believe it when they say 'it is being taken care of.'

Stories came to us of waste being shipped from one country to another: we were to expect that what had no adversary, and what is imitated by half the world on the matter of a structure to leadership, was doing a worse job than us.

And, unfortunately, there is such a thing as the low hanging fruit of 'making things from waste.'

The circulating of imagery through channels which keep the careless cooing is a start. The end seeks out an incipient family being supported by waste management schemes, the father of which said that all ill comes from the banks.

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