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I've tried to share glimpses of what I don't believe I could've done had I note been 'something else' from what I was 'before,' but the matter has been about competing with what gets itself tongue-tied, after which it refers to 'the authorities.'

And this I can be almost sure will never be quite over because authorities love what's willing, and forgo the matter of the noises that get made. In fact, authorities seem universally diligent on the matter of this foregoing.

I need to think about slowing things down, but, you see, we've left ourselves to smell 'panties,' which a packaging tool would--and this is the only way I can say it--make explicit. The preprocessor is indispensable and inescapably at fault; but we're not using that which starts with 'assembly' so as to 'level the playing field' - we've quite 'done' with people who think they've done something clever by banging words together.

That's 'cause we've quite 'done' with cleverness: we're either equal or we're not. Don't involve me in your self-doubt.

If we're not? What are we going to do? Flip a fucking coin?

Let me overdose on garlic for old time's sake. This will be for dessicated mince bangers. This takes me back a considerable amount of time. And that's a story of 'keeping house,' on and off.

The upshot of two people giving it their all for the community was, 'thanks for the magnetic stickers, but your ancestors were mean-hearted money-grubbing cowardly invaders, so that's the least you can fucking do, arseholes.'

See what happens when you 'loan a quote'?

Now do you see that it's not the duty of all men to vote?

Before I put the tomatoes in and before I say that I'm still fucking here, yet again, I need to say, because it really is true: 'you've totally fucking lost it!'

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