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My life became surreal as I left school. Twenty years ago, minus a few days, I was shocked to find five years had passed. There was a saying at the time about boys wanting to return to the womb. I certainly wanted to return somewhere, for though I hadn't moved I had dropped to an inferior position.

Not harping on the past is to take all we see as if we're seeing them for the first time. But some get wrapped up in problems of the present time, and can't see, for example, that pasteurized milk wasn't invented so that people would live forever: the actual problem it solved cannot be the one we imagined it solving when we first learnt of the process, for we learnt of it thinking that drinking a glass of milk a day would ensure our toes grow properly.

Be not unequally yoked: that is, if you can eat sand. Perhaps this is only a problem of the present time. Accepting that we do change, in ways that might displease others, and in ways that might anull former opinions we held, is something that in present times leads to the giving of ultimatums.

Bug bounties? You're fucking kidding me!